POLICEMAN By Paul Harvey (Tribute to our Police Officers)

A sister in Christ sent this gem from Paul Harvey to me today. As usual, his words spoke volumes. He never shouted. He never used crude language. Paul Harvey was given a gift from our Lord. He was a master Wordsmith and speaker. 

He had the gift of speaking truth in a calm – “let us reason together” tone.  I believe that even in this world turned upside-down, if Mr. Harvey were still alive today, he would speak truths in the same manner; calmly, but with much conviction.

He is greatly missed.

Paul Harvey (1918-2009) was a radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks. He gave the "Policeman" speech on talk radio nearly 40 years ago and it is known as one of his best speeches....Mr. Harvey's father inspired this speech....He was a police officer who was shot and killed while doing what police officers do every day. The text to the speech is included in the video.

I felt it appropriate to write this piece around Paul Harvey’s brilliant speech.  Are there officers who should not be in the Police force – of course; and those should be dealt with and removed. 

But as Paul Harvey said, the percentage of “bad officers” is less than even clergymen.  But again, those within that percentage have no right wearing the police uniform and carrying a gun.  

What the media has done is to take the bad apples and present them as the norm. This is not true, but should we be surprised hearing this from the Left?  Rhetorical question.

I salute every hard-working, compassionate and caring police officer. We should be praying for these men and women who daily place their lives in jeopardy to protect the lives of others. 

Father, please protect our police force. Help those in positions of authority to spot the officers who should not be in the force, and weed them out according to their misdeeds. Help Americans to see that we must pray and stand up for the greater percentage of decent and courageous officers in our country. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Shalom b’Yeshua