DANGERS of mRNA Vaccines from ‘NIH’ – or “How NIH is Covering Their Butts and Admitting the Toxic Effects of These Jabs”

If you look hard enough, you will find these “admissions of guilt” all over the internet. I’m not talking about Conservative websites – I’m speaking of NIH and Hospitals and those who pushed the jabs as ‘safe.’ And the list includes the Washington Post.

I am a hyper-alleric person. I won’t bore you with the foods and vitamins and medicines which have forced me to take my epipen, but let’s just say that eating or drinking anything new, or taking a new medicine does make me nervous.

When the Jab first came out, my doctor (a Hopkins doc) told me that in light of my terrible allergies he thought that it was best for me to hold off. But as time went on, he began pushing the jab on me, to which I would respond “No thanks.”

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Necessity is the mother of invention:” An adage was brought to life with the emergence of the mRNA vaccine against the backdrop of the foreboding and mercurial COVID-19 pandemic. Considering a negligible adverse-effect profile and a break-neck manufacturing speed, it shone bright as the ideal vaccine candidate. However, “all that glitters is not gold,” as was evidenced by the significant reactogenicity, a host of multi-systemic side-effects, that are being reported by the vaccine recipients; which is palpably resulting in a shift of emotions for the vaccine, accounting for vaccine hesitancy. Anaphylaxis, antibody-dependent enhancements, and deaths, comprise the most serious side-effects, albeit occurring in sparing numbers. Storage and transportation require fastidious temperatures, rendering it substantially inaccessible to a country like India. The biggest jolt, however, was the unfolding of the biases in reporting vaccine efficacy, as only the attractively high numbers of the relatively equivocal relative risk reduction were reported while keeping at bay the meager numbers of the more forthright absolute risk reduction. Notwithstanding the fallacies, the mRNA vaccine still promises hope; and with the right precautions and finesse, can be potentiated, as “a watched pot never boils.”

Keywords: Absolute risk reduction; BioNTech; COVID-19; mRNA vaccine; moderna; pfizer; reactogenicity; relative risk reduction; vaccine; vaccine hesitancy.

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