Brother in Christ, Black Bishop Patrick Wooden EXPOSES Kamala Harris: Wants to Wipe Out Church in America – MARXIST PAID BY SOROS

I have been writing for weeks about Marxist Kamala Harris. She is Obama in female form – on STEROIDS.

Short Video on Youtube of exposé

by Bishop Wooden:

In the shorter version of the same video, you will hear Bishop Wooden exclaim that Harris intends to wipe out the church in America! This goes right along with her Marxism. (2:41 seconds)

Longer version on Youtube is vitally important to be viewed (only 4:12 seconds). Pastor Wooden speaks about Harris’s agendas: LBGTQ, Marxism and she is paid by Soros; Calls Harris “Lock up a Brother Harris” because when she served as AG in California, she gloried in locking up Blacks.

In the past, Harris has run as an “Indian American.” (her mother was from India) But today, as Biden’s VP, she is running as “African American.”

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8).

Last piece I wrote on Harris:

Kamala Harris’s Ties to Marxism

Please pass this article on to others. People need to know who we are dealing with – NOT what the Leftist media portrays!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua