Bill Gates Loves BLM: Especially In Africa Where He Uses Black Children as Guinea Pigs for His Vaccines

Follow the money because it’s ALWAYS about the bottom line. But in the case of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Population Control is just as important (maybe more) since they are already multi Billionaires.

I wrote an article in 2017 about the deaths and maiming of children from Africa and India after the Gates Foundation decided to use these children to beta test their vaccines. 

Definitive Proof That Bill Gates is a Eugenicist “Mad Scientist” Who is Murdering People in Third World Countries <click to read

Oh, by the way, did you know that the so-called “Covid 19 Vaccine” will be tested first on African children?

BILL GATES Using Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” Vaccine Record and Payment System <click here to read

You see, to Bill and Melinda Gates, it is perfectly fine to use these children from third world countries for beta testing.  They believe that these children are  “expendable.”  

These children are Guinea Pigs for experimentation – that is, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

So, if BLM should be rioting against a group, I would suggest that they go down to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation wing at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

I think that BLM should demand an answer from the Gates as to why they use African children to test their vaccines. Fair question I think.

Did you know that Bill Gates’ father was once the head of Planned Parenthood?  It’s true. A Eugenicist just like his son.

The apple definitely did not fall far from that tree.

Just an aside:  

Isn’t that coincidental that Covid will render males infertile? Goes right along with Population Control. In a prior article on this virus, I found that Dr. Anthony Fauci had paid over $7.4 million to “Bat Woman” from the Wuhan Virology lab for “GOFR” (Gain of Function Research) on the virus. That means to change or manipulate a virus to do what you wish it to do.

And get this – “GOFR” experimentation was banned at NIH for a season because they felt that it was too dangerous, and that is when Fauci sent the big bucks to Bat Woman in Wuhan to carry on his insane studies.


latest coronavirus research by medical scientists from Nanjing Medical University and Suzhou Hospital lead by Dr Jianqing Wang, Head of the Department of Urology, at Suzhou Hospital say that males affected by the SARS-Cov2 coronavirus which causes the Covid-19 disease will likely become infertile even if they recover from the infection.

According to the new researched published in medrxiv, an open source online medical journal, the coronavirus typically attacks the ACE2 (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2)) receptors in human tissues.

The team of urology researchers  that comprised of Dr Jianqing Wang, Dr Caibin Fan, Dr Kai Li, Dr Yanhong Ding and Dr Wei Lu focused primarily on renal and testicular tissues as these were also ‘rich’  with ACE2 receptors especially the renal tubular cells, Leydig cells and cells in seminiferous ducts in the testis. Read rest of article HERE

And this just came out a couple of weeks ago:


More than 50 scientists fired or resign after NIH probe into grants’ foreign support

More than 50 scientists resigned or were fired following a National Institutes of Health investigation into how they disclosed their ties to foreign governments while collecting grants from the massive research agency.

Of the 399 “scientists of possible concern” identified by NIH, some 93% received foreign support from China, according to Dr. Michael S. Lauer, NIH’s deputy director for extramural research.

NIH discovered a widespread pattern of impropriety at 87 institutions across the country in 59 cities. The NIH plans to continue referring scientists for criminal and civil penalties in the weeks and months to come, Dr. Lauer said.

“The fact that this was happening in so many places, all over the United States, we’re talking about a wide variety of institutions from Harvard to the University of Florida to MD Anderson Cancer Center, these are very different kinds of places and yet the patterns that we’re seeing are very much the same,” he told The Washington Times. “I don’t think that this is something that there are particular institutions that are vulnerable.”

Some scientists’ improper relationships with China have yielded criminal charges and captured headlines in recent months. On Tuesday, the former head of Harvard’s chemistry department, Charles Lieber, pleaded not guilty on charges that he lied about his ties to a Chinese recruitment program.

NIH found that the foreign entities targeted the full gamut of biomedical research particularly at laboratories, involving research on cancer, mental health, cardiovascular science, and neuroscience, among many other issues. Most of the work was basic science or early translational science, meaning it did not involve clinical trials.

The scientists were on average 56 years old and the average individual NIH grant amounted to $678,000 per scientist but ranged up to $1.29 million, according to NIH. source

Sounds kind of like the Fauci GOFR debacle on steroids, doesn’t it?  

The MSM would undoubtedly say “Nothing to see here folks…….move along.”

This whole thing sickens me – literally. These corrupt men have brought the entire world to an abrupt standstill – economically and physically. Most of the sheeple hang onto every word out of the mouths of these despicable human beings.

I’m sorry if I sound very harsh. I’m angry. Many of us are angry.

And I’m REALLY angry that the LEFT have our grown children so completely duped!  

God please help us!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua