“WOKE” Takes on a Whole New Meaning: Black Americans Are Finally Realizing That Democrats Are Their ENEMIES

While the Dems abuse their constituents across America, they are living high on the hog as they watch the people living in extreme poverty and danger.  What is their answer now?  

Defund the police!

Talk about adding insult to injury!

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This Twitter ad from Kim Klacik has gone viral

Baltimore Republican Candidate Goes Viral After Dismantling Dems

The recently released campaign ad for Republican congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik has just gone viral. This particular ad campaign has side-cornered the democrats. It has revealed the truth that Democrats only show fake concern for black people. In the ad, Klacik slammed the democrats for their failure to take care of the black communities for decades. It was specifically true for the black community in the Baltimore area.

Klacik is running as a Republican for the ninth district of Maryland. This seat was previously held by the late congressman Elijah Cumming.

The ad campaign came with the caption, “Democrats don’t want you to see this,” and it went viral immediately, receiving millions of views in a single day. Klacik said that the Democrats are actually scared because she has shown the real image of the democrat-run cities. In this ad, Klacik said that the reason she is running for Congress is for both the back lives and Baltimore. For that reason, black people don’t have to vote for Democrats.

In the ad, Kacik can be seen walking through the devastated streets of Baltimore.

The Democrats don’t even care for black lives. The people who run Baltimore clearly don’t bother with its people. The way Klacik presented the reality of the city could never be digested by the Democrats, which is exactly why they don’t want the American people to see it.

As she walks by an abandoned building, she explained the existing reality of the people and the city — crumbling infrastructure, skyrocketing number of crimes, poverty, and abandoned homes.

Baltimore City has been run by democrats for a long span of 53 years, and if you try to see the end result of their administration, you will find Baltimore as one of the top five most dangerous cities in America. This city has 10 times the US average murder rate. The poverty rate of this city is over 20%. The number of homicides, drug abuse, and alcohol deaths in this city are always on the peak, according to Klacik.

She said she believes Black Lives Matter. The major portion of the crimes have always been perpetrated against black people, and the black people account for 60% of the city’s overall population. So the question is, why can’t we take responsibility for our very own community?

The people of the Democratic party have always betrayed the black people. If any politician takes a city tour, they would easily understand how the policies and the corruption of the democrats have affected the black people. The Democrats have always ignored it, and they don’t want anyone to see the reality.

In this ad campaign, multiple black people were asked if they support the idea of defunding the police department. In reply, all of them said no. They strongly opposed the idea of defunding or eliminating the police department.

It’s not just about Baltimore City. Any city run by democrats isn’t for black people. According to Republican Klacik, no one can name a blue city where black lives have gotten better.

She also said the Democrats think that black people are not intelligent enough, and that they can be easily controlled. Why should we keep voting for them despite knowing what they have done to our families and communities?

Klacik will stand against the democratic representative Kweisi Mfumeon in the 7th Congressional District, which has always been held by Democrats. Mfumeon won the Democratic primary in June, defeating 18 Democrats standing against him. Source

All Videos embedded are short 

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Did you know that the record of the Democrat Party shows it to be the MOST racist party in our nation? In my article, the reader will see historical FACTS:

The Racist Democrat Party: Here is ALL You Need to Know

And to my fellow American Jews, I have this to say:

To continue voting for a party who elected the ANTI-SEMITIC SQUAD is MESHUGGE (Yiddish for “Crazy)

Are you ALL self-hating Jews?  Is that what makes you Meshugge?

Brethren, pray for God’s will in the upcoming election. Never stop speaking out against evil. The Democrats are the party of ABORTION, GAY MARRIAGE AND RACISM! 

Pray for the Dems and their victims!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua



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