Why Am I and So Many Others In Facebook Jail??

I’ve placed two articles about my time in FB jail in this piece. One from 2017 and one from 2018.

Today, I find myself once again in this jail. This is twice in two weeks.  The first one was because I used “Christ” in a title.  The jail time I’ve serving now is because I dared to write about Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Facebook Jailbird Article from 2017

In our society, people are jailed when they have broken laws.  The Facebook community evidently have their own laws, and if  Facebook members infringe upon those laws, they abruptly shut them down. I believe that we call that censorship.

In my case, I was sharing an article I wrote on the left wing website known as Snopes. I was exposing them as radical left wingers who work for the Democrats. Unfortunately, many Christians are not aware of the political bias of the the couple who run Snopes.

I had only shared the article in three groups when <boom> a message appeared which said “You are not allowed to share in groups or join any new groups until October 12 at 11:24 am.”

But the difference between breaking a law in America, is that you are innocent until proven  guilty. Also, we have a right to counsel for our defense.  It’s a good system. It works well most of the time.

Facebook’s laws and how they deal with those whom they feel have transgressed their laws is really more like a dictatorship. I was judged and found guilty on the spot because of the words of my article.

Evidently, Snopes is very important to Facebook and Left Wing liberals.  The function of Snopes is to verify false information.  In other words, when you read Fake News, but you want to check it out – you go to Snopes and they tell you that the Fake News is accurate. And if you read something on a Conservative site and want to check it out, Snopes is there to vilify factual news.

So my crime was exposing Snopes for what it really is:  A Left Wing propaganda website.  My sentence is to be kept away from groups until October 12th. I could not defend myself.  I could not discuss this so-called transgression with the powers that be on Facebook.  No – I could do nothing but wait.

Brothers and sisters in Christ – this will only get worse as time goes on. According to the Left, Conservative Christians are the enemy of America.  Of course, we know who truly is the enemy and the liberals love him and will follow him anywhere. They don’t like to call him Satan, so they use his old name – Lucifer.  The left feel that they are the “Enlightened Ones.”

I have sad news for these people.  They are not enlightened at all. They are fooled and deceived by the father of lies; the author of confusion and the accuser of the brethren day and night.

So, during my time in FB jail, I will take advantage of this time. I will read the Words of Life in my Bible.  I will pray for the deceived ones who run Facebook.

Could it be too late for them?  Only God knows……

Facebook Jailbird Article from 2018

Sometimes I wonder if Facebook has a person or persons whose job is to watch me as I post articles in groups. I usually can only post in 3 groups before the dreaded message appears:


And let me tell you, trying to challenge FB when I’m thrown into their jail is ridiculous. I do not even bother anymore.

The triggers for being censored

If my titles include the following words, I am most likely going to be jailed:

George Soros
Forced Migration
United Nations
Here is a case in point:

THIS goes against the community standards of Facebook? REALLY?

So in other words, giving a testimony of coming to Jesus goes against FB’s rules!


I’m going to attempt to post that article again today.

How can we fight back?

The only way I can fight this is to write about it. I know that others are being censored too. If we just sit back and take it, it will only become worse!

The FB Gestapo questioned my husband

Many times when I’m jailed on FB, my husband will share articles for me. Last week he tried to log onto FB only to see a message stating that his account had been disabled.

They furnished a link if my husband wanted to find out why he was shut down. The FB “agent” told my husband that they were not sure if he was really a person. WHAT??

They requested something with his picture on it. They told him not to send his Social security number (Oh, Really???) but that they needed information about him.

My husband sent them a military ID (I’m sure that went over well- NOT) but finally after about an hour, they allowed him to log into his account.


The spirit of antichrist is everywhere, brethren. We see it in the Leftwing media and in social media. Our Constitutional rights are being stripped away. Our First Amendment – trampled underfoot by the Left, who would love to see the Constitution usurped by Sharia law.

They have NO idea of what life would be like under sharia law. All they know is that they want America destroyed. If you asked them why, most likely you will get the deer in the headlights look.

But we press on. We know how this story ends. We must pray for these misguided workers on Facebook – pray for their salvation.

I am praying every day that soon we will hear the trump of God and be Raptured from this wicked place!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


4 thoughts on “Why Am I and So Many Others In Facebook Jail??

  1. Gatha Walker

    This is what I posted to FB: I don’t think that Christians and conservatives really
    realize how bias FB is against our views
    And Articles: They are constantly putting GERI Ungurean in FB jail because of her informing articles on her site:Absolute Truth from the word of God.Maybe we should find another social media site to use that is fair And balanced.

    1. You know why I want to stay on FB as long as I can? It is because there are so many unbelievers. Who knows…….maybe the Lord would use something I write to plant seeds and someone else might water – and then the Lord of the Harvest would open their eyes! If I went to an all Christian social media site, I’d be preaching to the choir all the time 🙂

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