AWAKEN BIBLE PROPHECY with Gary Ritter January 5, 2022 – Prep for Antichrist: Mass Formation Psychosis (VIDEO)

 One of the most important aspects of these Awaken Bible Prophecy Updates is that we connect the dots of what’s going on in the world with the prophetic Word of God. Sometimes, however, we have to identify what those dots are before they can be connected. That can be a challenge in itself. Another thing that’s extremely important in the Updates is to bring subjects forward that you may not be aware of. These items can be issues behind the scenes that may not have crossed your path up till now. There may be other things that you may have avoided for any number of reasons.

We try not to miss these issues if at all possible in the Prophecy Updates, especially if they have some association with end-times events. Sometimes, we have to talk about uncomfortable subjects. Regardless, we need to be faithful to God’s Word, and its range is pretty broad – so we don’t usually lack for something to discuss. Of course, there’s so much going on in the world right now that keeping up can pull us in a lot of different directions. One thing I’d appreciate is if you think there’s something it would be helpful for me to address, then let me know. First take a look at the various topics on the Rumble page that I’ve dealt with over the last year to make sure I haven’t covered it already.

Over the last couple of weeks, Dr. Robert Malone has raised an issue – that in studying it – I’ve found fascinating. All of a sudden, this issue in the news is all over the place, so it’s obviously pertinent. Dr. Malone, as you may know, is the inventor of the mRNA vaccines, who has spoken out against them because of their misuse by the government in this whole COVID fiasco. Just recently, Dr. Malone was permanently banned from Twitter for speaking “misinformation.” Isn’t that something? The censors at Twitter know more about mRNA and how it works than the man who invented the technology for the vaccines.

Dr. Malone had come across a concept called Mass Formation Psychosis that a psychologist and statistician named Dr. Mattias Desmet in Belgium has been studying and speaking about. As it turns out, I watched a couple Youtube videos last fall on this very subject and squirreled them away for future use.

Mass Formation Psychosis is a very real phenomenon that is affecting a large percentage of people around the world. It explains much of the extremely odd behavior we see surrounding COVID, masking, lockdowns, the vaccines, and even the vaccine passports that are being ramped up for use. More importantly, for our purposes, it shows us exactly how and why the world is being conditioned to accept the Antichrist.

Because of all this, this idea of Mass Formation Psychosis is being pooh-poohed by the mainstream media.

Those of you who have watched my other Prophecy Updates know that I am a fervent pre-Tribulation Rapture believer, and that from all the converging Biblical signs, Christ’s return for His beloved Bride, the true church, is very near. This will occur before Antichrist comes on the scene and the wrath of God is rained down upon this unbelieving world. Despite that, God has made it clear in His Word that He wants us to understand the times because we will endure trials and tribulations to some degree – just not THE Tribulation. We can only see clearly by reading ALL of Scripture and looking at the world through a Biblical, prophetic lens. Our worldview needs to be rooted in the reality of God’s Word if we want to remain faithful and useful to Him until He comes to snatch us away from this alien place.

Our subject today is deep, and yet you’ll probably say to yourself, “I saw that!” or “I knew that!” Still, it’s the putting of it all together that helps us to deal with it and the people affected by it. I cover a number of angles with it that you probably haven’t seen from other sources. As a result, this video is longer than many of the ones I do, but in order to do justice to the topic, it is what it is, so please hang in there. I think you’ll learn a lot.

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AWAKEN BIBLE PROPHECY Update with Gary Ritter December 15, 2021

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 12-15-21 Our Christian Obligation in These Last Days

 I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled with this issue that I raise in the title of this Prophecy Update. What is our Christian obligation in these last days? There are so many voices within the Christian community that speak about what we should be doing as believers. They come from different perspectives. Anyone who has watched my Prophecy Update videos or read any of my writings probably knows that I’ve described myself as a virulent pre-Tribulation Rapture believer. However, using the word virulent is probably a misuse of it. When I look at a dictionary definition, it has a pretty universal negative connotation, so maybe I shouldn’t use virulent to apply to myself. Maybe extreme or robust would be better descriptions. Regardless, you get the idea: I believe whole-heartedly and deeply that a pre-Trib Rapture will occur.

On the other side are those who don’t believe this. They may be post-Tribulation Rapture people or of some other persuasion. The major difference that I see in these two camps concerns the idea of imminency. This is the concept that something will happen soon and at any time in an unexpected manner. Pre-Trib Rapture believers such as me hold to this concept; post-Tribbers by definition don’t and simply cannot. In their worldview, the Tribulation must occur before the Rapture, so the Rapture is obviously not an imminent event.

What I actually want to discuss today revolves around the pre-Tribulation Rapture. I’ve spoken of the other position at various times and that’s not my main concern here. What I want to address is how pre-Trib believers should approach life and its issues in these final days prior to the Rapture. Should we be fighting to be salt and light to the culture by continuing to push back against the darkness through our societal activities? Or should we be doing something else as the world disintegrates around us? Where is the line drawn between these two extremes? To lift a phrase from Ezekiel 33:10 in the KJV: How should we then live?


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AWAKEN BIBLE PROPHECY UPDATE 12-1-2021: Vaccine Injury – Gulf War Syndrome to Today with Gary Ritter

Rumble — One of the things I’ve tried to do over the last several Prophecy Updates is to show the deep-seated desire of certain individuals to destroy the lives of as many people as possible. This effort includes mercilessly killing many, or at the very least, stealing their health and well-being. Oh, look, I just happened to describe one of the traits of the devil who wants to steal, kill, and destroy. Perhaps there’s a connection between these maliciously evil people and Satan. Who would have guessed?

We know from numerous sources of late how evil Dr. Anthony Fauci is. He’s the classic example of the child who becomes an adult psychopath. Multiple pieces of evidence show how he has tortured animals in the interest of science. Worse, he has condoned the use of extremely deadly drugs in the treatment of disease. He is behind the use of AZT to treat HIV, and this drug has been shown to actually cause serious auto-immune symptoms. Fauci has been around a long time and has a remarkable track record of backing dangerous and deadly vaccines and other drugs.

If you’ve connected the dots like we try to do in these Prophecy Updates, you’ll know that great evil is operating in the world. It originates from the spiritual realm and infects much of mankind because men choose to reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This opens them up to significant demonic influence in their lives. Satan seems to work overtime with individuals who are highly placed in society and/or greatly influential in the affairs of humanity.

We currently see this playing out in the creation of the COVID bioweapon that was created so as to release deadly, gene-altering, so-called vaccines upon an unsuspecting public. As we’ve previously pointed out, the temptation to test certain drugs is irresistible to certain people. In addition, a small group of wealthy, globalist elites – a worthy few – have been planning for many years to gain control over the entire world with the purpose of enslaving mankind. Put these desires together and a long history toward this wicked objective unfolds.

To add to this body of evidence, I want to briefly discuss how the illness, known as Gulf War Syndrome, surfaced after the 1991 Gulf War in Iraq and how that may influence even what is going on today with the adverse effects we’re seeing as the COVID shots are administered.


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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 11-17-21 – “It’s Worse Than You Think” Bible teacher Gary Ritter Presents Shocking information from NIH From 2016


Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 11-17-21 – It’s Worse Than You Think – Sorceries & Human Souls

Well, here I am again, the purveyor of doom and gloom for the unbelieving world, but the messenger of glad tidings and Good News for those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In the days of the prophets in ancient Israel – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and others – the message from God they brought was hard, and not well received.  These men proclaimed God’s judgment upon a rebellious and disobedient people who didn’t want to hear it.  The people were righteous in their own eyes.  Everyone in that day – if asked if he was a good person – probably would have said YES.  That being the case, for Israelites to be told they were stiff-necked and an abomination to God – by these crazy men with long stringy hair, who wore scratchy goatskin clothes, and ate locusts for breakfast – was probably a non-starter.  The only problem was that the men who spoke for God were telling the truth, whereas the people they spoke to were living a lie.

It takes some doing these days for someone to convince himself that things in the world will turn out all right, but many work hard at it and assure themselves through many lies that it will be.  Despite the witness before our very eyes, which reveals that the world is NOT okay, human nature desperately wants it to be.  The media proclaim normalcy is just around the corner.  The government says we only have to sacrifice a little more, and things will get better.  Churches preach portions of the Bible and ignore those parts that make their people uncomfortable, so the places that should understand the times are as ignorant as the pagan masses.

Despite evidence to the contrary, wickedness revealed at the highest levels continues to be called conspiracy theory.  When evil is exposed, those who pull back the curtain are the ones punished.  There are only a very few of us who echo the Word of God that Jesus is coming soon.  We’re usually laughed at or called demonic for saying such a thing.  Adding that the unbelieving world will shortly plunge into the greatest time of horror ever known, and that spiritual darkness with unparalleled deception will reign and bring a terrible end to humanity, unfortunately tends to turn people off.   When these things are communicated, the common response is fear first, then the unfounded hope that a Great Awakening will reverse all the momentum of the avalanche that is crashing down the mountain as the earth reaches its final end.  No one wants to believe that a loving God – if He exists at all – would take such drastic measures against mankind.  That’s certainly not the Jesus most people know.  They say, “That’s not MY Jesus!”  None of this can be true.  One way or another, the world will recover and we’ll go on as before.

That’s what Israel thought as well in the final days before God had had enough.

In no way do I compare myself with the holy prophets of Israel, but I can read.  God’s prophetic Word is clear.  We have reached the end of the line.  The abomination and depravity throughout the earth is no different from ancient times when God declared His intent to bring down righteous judgment.  Because we don’t want to see, we hide our eyes.  But there are two primary issues that prevail throughout every culture and society.  They are the same ones that brought destruction in the past.  No one wants to acknowledge it, but the world – because of these two issues – is worse than you think.  Soon God will exact a very steep price because of them. Source

Brethren, I pray that most of you have read and/or watched Gary Ritter as he brings us TRUTH about the events happening worldwide today.

Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all who do not know Him.

Pray for the brethren in these scary times. Make sure that you tell all brothers and sisters in Christ that GOD IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL!

Everything happening, God has allowed to further fulfill Bible Prophecy!