DANCING WITH THE DEVIL IN HOLLYWOOD: The Grammy’s Featured Sam Smith’s DEMONIC Performance and was Sponsored by PFIZER

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Well, that was awkward.

At Sunday’s Grammys, Sam Smith — a controversy-courting singer-songwriter who identifies himself as nonbinary — and transgender German-born singer Kim Petras performed their hit “Unholy” in the most literal way possible.

Smith, dressed in red leather, quickly adopted a horned top hat. Quick, guess who he’s supposed to be? Meanwhile, a gyrating Petras danced in a cage, surrounded by similarly horned dancers.

If you were one of those tuning in to see if the Grammys could hit a new low in taste, I’m assuming you weren’t disappointed.

The problem, of course, is that any broadcast on network television has to sell products.

More than any other form of video, the big-four broadcast networks — including CBS, which televised the performance — rely on selling products to make money.

Which introduces a second problem: Who wants to be associated with Satan? Who wants to buy ad spots right after that scene?

I have the most interesting coincidence to report. The show was sponsored by the pharmaceutical giant, and COVID vaccine producer, Pfizer:

Now, I’m not saying that Pfizer is Satanic or that big pharma is evil — but, as Bob Ross might have said, it’s one of those “happy little accidents” that happen when corporate dollars underwrite decadence and depravity.

And don’t think it went unnoticed, either:
Of course, some were less outraged and had a more ironic take on the matter — like best-selling author and psychologist Jordan Peterson.

The best take on the irony comes from Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert, however, who noted that the Grammys show was taking place in close proximity to another major event:
Pfizer, for better or worse, has aligned itself with the left’s rabid push for universal COVID-19 vaccination. For the left, it’s a matter of control and the abrogation of medical autonomy; for Pfizer, a matter of profit.
Well, what ceremony to best celebrate the agenda of the left than the Grammys, which easily takes the cake as the entertainment industry’s primo celebration of perversion, indoctrination and moral turpitude?

Don’t just take my word for it — take that of MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who said Sunday’s awards show demonstrated conservatives’ “total defeat” in the culture wars and was “the celebration of the very thing the American right has turned into its latest anti-wokeness bogeyman: diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

If you want some sympathy for the devil, in other words, just look left!

Well, lie down with dogs and get fleas. While Pfizer’s alignment with Democrats and the American left probably has more to do with the profit motive than with any kind of Satanic value judgment, the company has signed onto the entire package.

Hope they liked that performance of “Unholy.” Because, rest assured, their association with it will linger long after many of us forget the song even existed. Source

My mother used to say that Satan was a cartoon character and she would laugh at me for believing that he is real.

The devil likes for people to have one of two mindsets about him.


But we see in Hollywood a third emotion about the Evil one:


In these last days, the devil likes that one best.



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  1. julieg777

    Pfizer is an evil company period! And I never watch the Grammys or the Superbowl for that matter. Don’t want to watch filth or self-indulgent celebrities.

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