TIKKED OFF: Urgent Warning to Delete TikTok Off Your Phone NOW Over Fears of Hostile Chinese Threats

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CHINA is using TikTok to spy on us and Brits should delete the app now, a Tory MP has warned.

Alicia Kearns said millions of people were being “naïve” about the popular social media video app which could be sending details back to China.

Brits have been urged to delete the popular messaging and video app over spying fears

Alicia Kearns said Brits could be at risk with the app

She told Sky that she’d seen evidence that people working in China for the social media firm had allegedly hacked into European data and track down journalists’ sources.

And the Chinese-owned app is giving the rogue nation information about us that could be useful – including interests, regular locations or friendships.

The Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee urged Brits to delete the app “without question” or be put at risk too.

She told Sky’s Sophie Ridge: “Get off it, don’t be naïve” and insisted she did not have it on her own phone either.

She added: “It is not worth having that vulnerability on your phone and it is the ultimate data source for anyone with hostile efforts.

“The fact is now this isn’t just me saying I’m worried, delete it, we have evidence that Tik Tok has been used to track down sources for journalists. 

“Everyone should be concerned about that.

China is building a tech totalitarian state on the back of our data so we have to get far more serious about protecting ourselves. 

“There is a reason why China have this app, there’s a reason why they are buying up gay dating apps – our data is a key vulnerability.”

It comes after the US shot down a Chinese spy-balloon over America yesterday.

The surveillance aircraft was dramatically shot down by two F-22 fighter jets off of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina yesterday afternoon.

Crowds were seen cheering after the balloon plummeted into the ocean, where its wreckage is being gathered by divers and other military personnel.

And Business Secretary Grant Shapps said Britain would have done the same if it had happened here.

He said this morning: “we fully support the US and the action they’ve taken.

“It cannot be right to send spy balloons floating over mainland of the United States and the UK would always take its national security very seriously.”

TikTok has been approached for comment. Source

Please pass this on. It’s no joke!

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  1. LV McGraw

    I had it on my cell phone, but never used it. I deleted it long before this article just because. Also, President Trump said to delete it a while back. If you watch Reelz on Facebook, many of those short videos are Tik Tok. Thanks for the article, Geri.

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