Biden delivers ominous ‘warning’ from his globalist puppet masters: ‘Vote for us or else…’


The narrative has been set for election chaos and political violence

Joe Biden, in his prime-time speech earlier this week, again painted the November 8 midterm election as a referendum, not on his policies, but on “democracy” itself.

Listening to the rhetoric, one can envision how things might play out next week.

We end up with many races that are “too close to call” on election night. The vote-counting lasts for days.

Deep-state controlled political operatives, instead of urging calm, throw rhetorical fire onto the political powder keg of distrust they’ve spent the last several years cultivating, and then we’re off to the races. Violence ensues.

Biden’s November 2 speech followed up on the same themes presented in his dark September 1 “Battle for the Soul of America” speech. He said a vote for MAGA Republicans on November 8 represents the death knell for our beloved “democracy.”

“Democracy is on the ballot,” Biden said, a phrase that the CIA’s mockingbird media has dutifully repeated over and over, as if to drum it into the zombies’ heads. 

Whenever you hear the entire corporate media repeating the exact same talking points, you know it’s a propaganda psy op in the making. They did it with Covid. They did it with the “vaccines.” Not a single corporate media outlet strayed from the script and that’s always a red flag.

To dissent from the corporate narrative on masks, vaccines, and war with Russia, makes you a “danger to democracy.”

No sane American president could speak in such dire terms. No sane president who makes his own decisions instead of receiving orders from an already entrenched shadow dictatorship could talk about “democracy” like Biden does.

Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, spoke to the mockingbird media after Biden’s speech this week and told us that we have received our “one final warning” from the supreme dictator. I kid you not. Watch the first minute-and-a-half of the below video:

So here’s the message: Vote for Democrats or risk it all; our very democracy is at stake!

They have no rational argument for why we should vote for them. Inflation is out of control, the border remains open, pornography remains in the schools, crime is rampant, fuel and food shortages are mounting, and our freedoms are evaporating. In order to distract from these issues, they must frame next week’s election in simple emotional terms – it’s us or those woman-hating, trans-hating, MAGA extremists!

And if too many of you vote for those extremists, we might need to take extreme measures to stop the transition away from our brand of pseudo democracy.

To their credit, even some Democrats see through the mirage, as communicated in an article by NBC News: “Biden takes heat from his own party over ‘Democracy’ speech.”

Remember, this is the same president who last year told us he was “losing patience” with those of us who refused to get a certain pharmaceutical product jabbed into our bodies.

There’s more than meets the eye here, folks.

Why have Biden’s handlers – the deep-state shadow government – resorted to thinly veiled threats against their political opponents?

Instead of asking for our vote it feels like they are ordering us to pull the lever for their candidates. That’s not how it’s supposed to work in America, unless the old America, the Constitutional Republic, is already gone? Replaced with some dictatorship’s own definition of “democracy?” I guess we will soon find out.

So, in summary, when I listen to Biden’s speech what I’m hearing is this: They are giving us “one final warning,” that if we turn out in droves to vote for their opposition they will have to do something drastic, perhaps remove the pretense of democracy, the delusion that democracy still exists. Unleash hell’s fury.

I hope I’m proven wrong next week, but I have felt for some time that we already live under a dictatorship, a soft dictatorship perhaps, but a dictatorship nonetheless.

The defining characteristic of a dictatorship is that it does not go quietly. It does not allow itself to be voted out of power. Those holding positions of dictatorial power don’t see their roles as servanthood, but rather of privilege and entitlement. They don’t serve the people, as they see it, they rule over them. Why? Because they can. They control the armies and the police forces, in this case the national police force, which is the FBI.

And if we try to resist, meaning we vote in such numbers that even their built-in systemic cheating is unable to compensate for it, then they will call out the military wing of the Democrat Party, which is Antifa, and the FBI will look the other way.

At least that’s the not-so-subtle warning we are getting. Again, I hope I’m wrong. But either way, we must not be intimidated into staying home. We must call their bluff and turn out massively on Tuesday, exercising people power at the polls.

Every dictatorship has a political wing and a military wing.

Hitler had his brownshirts.

Lenin had his Cheka and Stalin had his KGB.

East Germany had its Stasi.

Iran has its Revolutionary Guard.

It’s no different with the American dictators. They have the FBI, Antifa and other paramilitary units at the ready.

Biden and his chief of staff warned us this week that they have something in store for us if we don’t accept them as our permanent overlords.

Every dictatorship needs a boogieman so it can claim to be “protecting” the people from impending danger. For the regime in Washington, the boogieman outside the gates is Russia and the boogieman inside the gates is what they now call “extreme MAGA.” Both, they say, present a grave “danger to our democracy.”

It’s a lie of course but it’s all they have.

Biden even tried to tie the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband to the boogieman, which is kind of funny given that Paul Pelosi’s attacker, David DePape, is a homeless, gay, drug-using, nudist, illegal alien from Canada. Doesn’t exactly fit the bill of MAGA.

While warning about violence coming from the right, the Washington deep state, the shadow dictatorship, has already started its own wave of political violence against conservative Americans.

Take, for example, the case involving Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey.

Speaking with reporters at ABC 7 News in Chicago, Bailey said he and his family had received disturbing voicemail threats, prompting him to cancel campaign events.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the threats prompted “schools affiliated with Bailey and his family in southern Illinois” to be “placed on soft lockdown.”

Bailey reported the calls to the police, who traced them to 21-year-old Scott Lennox.

According to the Cook County state attorney’s office, Lennox has been charged with one felony count each of threatening a public official and making harassing communications. 

Lennox allegedly threatened to torture and then assassinate Bailey, and later bragged to friends about making the death threats. 

Blaze Media reports that prosecutor Lorraine Scaduto said, “Lennox was with friends at a bar on Friday when a political ad aired on TV that infuriated him.” 

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, a Republican Senate candidate was grazed by a protester’s punch, thrown before Wednesday’s debate with incumbent Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan.

Donald Bolduc, a retired Army general, was assaulted at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics before his debate with Hassan.

The Epoch Times reported that Bolduc mentioned the incident near the end of the November 2 debate.

In yet another case of political violence stemming from the left, the family home of Republican congressional candidate Pat Harrigan in Hickory, North Carolina, was sprayed with gunfire.

The shooting happened last week, when Harrigan’s parents and children were in the house, WBTV News reported.

Harrigan wrote in a tweet: “A bullet & death threats aren’t enough to knock this Green Beret off that mission.”

Harrigan and others have speculated that the attack may have been inspired by a television ad paid for by Jeff Jackson, Harrigan’s Democrat opponent, that was filmed in front of Harrigan’s home.

Are you beginning to see the pattern here?

And that’s not all.

LifeSite News reports that since the overturning of Roe v. Wade last summer, violence against pro-lifers has been 22 times higher than violence against abortion advocates. Hundreds of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers have been burned, bombed, defaced, vandalized, with no arrests made by the FBI.

Could these acts of left-wing political violence be a harbinger of things to come, a mere foreshadowing of worse violence on the horizon? I don’t know, but we must prepare for the possibility, because a house divided cannot stand. And no dictatorship allows itself to be voted out of power.

Do not fall into the trap that has been laid, where this shadow dictatorship made up of traitors and globalist predators goads us into the same violent behavior of which they are guilty. That’s what they want – both sides shooting at each other.

Keep your cool. Stay calm. Prepare to survive the chaos with enough food, water, and means of self-protection to ride out what portends to be a rough period for America. Our enemy is not Democrats or any flesh and blood but rather a world system inspired by Satan himself. And most importantly, pray to our Mighty God for spiritual strength, courage, wisdom and discernment, that we might come out on the other side of this chaos able to live in peace, free of persecution by these psychopathic powers of evil in high places. is 100 percent reader supported and 100 percent independent of the government and its corporate partners. That’s why we can offer news and analysis that counters the false narratives being pumped into homes daily by the mainstream corporate media. If you’d like to help Leo continue fearlessly reporting and writing, please consider a contribution of any size. Donations may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or electronically below using GiveSendGo.


8 thoughts on “Biden delivers ominous ‘warning’ from his globalist puppet masters: ‘Vote for us or else…’

  1. robinlinaz

    Mr Hohmann said “That’s not how it’s supposed to work in America, unless the old America, the Constitutional Republic, is already gone?” It IS gone. We are being held together with spit, twine and duct tape at this point. But we know the USA is still limping along by God’s divine providence.

    He is preserving us because when He does lift His strong arm of protection (and scripture assures us He will), the globe will descend into chaos. Not because we are so wonderful any longer, clearly we aren’t. No, it is because when we, the strongest, most Christian nation the world has ever known, completely crumble, the path will be clear for the AC to make his appearance. And that will happen in God’s timing; not Brandon’s, not Klain’s, not Obama’s or King Charles III’s, but GOD’s timing.

    We are so close to collapse, it’s incredible it hasn’t happened yet! I have been saying to myself all week that this is probably the last period of ‘normal’ we will see on earth. The wheels are going to come off, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet and can attribute it to God and God alone. He is doing MIGHTY things every moment of every day and we are unspeakably blessed to know what is coming, and to rest in the promises that Jesus is taking us home any day now.


  2. Looking forward to the Pre-Trib Rapture. The world is hurtling to its predetermined destiny, but our Lord is never late but always in the nick of time. There might be a slight delay or relenting of the evil Juggerknot we are witnessing as our ever-merciful Lord intermittently loosens- tightens up on the devil’s leash patiently waiting for the last of the unsaved stragglers to come to the saving knowledge of Christ crucified & join the final number making up His Body but I think the die is cast for a near future Rapture. Home for us is in the very near future. I am looking actively for the Blessed Hope not the A/C & trust the Bible in that John 3:36 He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life but the wrath of God abides on him.
    God’s wrath was poured out on His Son Jesus on the cross for our sins. We believers are now adopted sons of God & His bride & therefore are “saved” from what..God’s wrath. There is only 2 classes of people, saved & unsaved. Thankfully, God’s plan of salvation isn’t rocket science especially if I can “get it”. Good article Leo!

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