Many of you watched the incredible interview on “Hope for our Times” on September 28th. Pastor Tom Hughes interviewed Alex Newman and people are saying that it might be the best interview ever on Pastor Tom’s website. In comments, many are calling for Alex to be brought back.

I will post the interview for those who missed it at the end of this piece.

Alex and his family were in Florida when Ian hit. They have been without power since then. Alex can text but not call out and he has been keeping in touch with friends via text. He told me yesterday that he picked up a nasty bug and is very sick.

I am writing this to ask the readership to please pray for Alex Newman. I believe that this is a direct attack from the evil one on his life.

Here is the video of Pastor Tom Hughes and Alex in case you missed it:

Would you please ask friends and family to pray for Alex? Also pray that whatever this sickness is, that God would heal Alex and protect his wife and children?



  1. robinlinaz

    Praying for Alex and his family right now. He’s a strong Believer, loves God and is a powerful tool in the hands of the Lord.

  2. Jim V.

    You know Geri, I know God is in CONTROL. I’m a human begin, I asked myself, how come God allowed hurricane hit at Florida, but not at Washington DC where are bad people at the White House? We all knew Biden wanted to divided the Israel, but people at Flordia didn’t do anything and thousand of innocent people were injured and killed. My sister’s girlfriend lost of their home, DESTROYED. She is a Christian and she couldn’t believe it. It was like a WAR ZONE. She has to start all over again. She and her family are hurting and suffering, among of thousand of people in FL are going through bad time. Heartbreaking.

    I read the Bible and I pray to God. I asked him , WHY, WHY innocent people at Florida? I know God is sitting on the throne. One day we will understand when we go up to the Heaven. God’s thought are different than ours thought.

    Look at evil men, Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Swab, Clinton, Obama, among the Globalists are living happy, no worries, no struggling, no stuffer, etc. This is very hard for me to understand why these evil men are so LUCKY and Christians and innocent people are dying, dead, and unlucky. European people will be stuff during the winter. Why can’t the world leaders sit down and work out the problems instead of the war and etc. Oh no, they don’t want to do that. Why can’t Ukraine and Russia work out the deal and peace? Oh no, the Globalist wanted DEPOPULATION if the war broke out between NATO VS RUSSIA. The vaccination doesn’t work, so therefore the elite found another way to DEPOPULATION and etc. This morning I read an article that young kids and teenagers suffered of their heart problem after the jabbed and they won’t live last for 5 years!!!! 5 years?? See? Elite knew, they wanted DEPOPULATION. Agenda 21 and 2030.

    Just heard that next February 2023, we will have digital currency. It was the rumor, but I don’t know when, but it is coming. I read an article about this morning and it doesn’t look good for American people. I pray we will be out of here before digital currency comes.

    I hope you and your husband are doing well.
    God bless.

    1. All I can say to you is that God is Sovereign. He alone knows the end from the beginning. He is the potter and we are the clay. Although we don’t understand things which happen, we MUST TRUST the Lord. He is perfect and there is a reason for everything He allows to happen. Look at all the martyrs throughout history. Look at the Apostles – all were tortured and killed save John. But John was boiled in oil and God kept him safe. God does not (cannot) make mistakes. It is important for us to fully trust Him.

      1. Jim V.

        Thank you Geri. I knew that, and I agree with you. I was just venting. That’s all.

        Can you believe we’re now in month of October and soon Thanksgiving and Christmas? To be honest with you, I’m very nervous. I know God is control.

        God bless.

      2. Yes, God IS in control, but I would be lying if I said that I never get nervous! We are still in these mortal bodies. This is why we MUST read God’s Word and pary to Him 🙂

  3. LookingfortheBlessedHope

    Jim V., and Geri, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts on this… My husband and I had the same initial reaction: why Florida and not D.C.?! Yesterday I suddenly had a flash of insight. I was thinking back to when our family experienced a traumatic middle-of-the-night evacuation (from a wildfire) in 2020. Our place was spared but God used the experience to remind us (dramatically!) that this world is not our home! It was a deeply profound lesson that thrilled us and inspired us to stop putting down roots in this world and “set our minds on the things above.” It was no fun, I can tell you – but in the end, we were so thankful to our merciful Lord!

    So now I am thinking that if these disasters cause Christians to stop being so tangled up in this world, and gives unbelievers a chance to wake up and turn to the Lord (“what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”) before it is too late, we should start praising Him!

    P.S. As I wrote the above, something else stirred in my memory and I went to the Word and found Psalm 148:8 – “Fire and hail, snow and clouds; Stormy wind, fulfilling His word”! Praise the Lord!

    1. Alex and family have power now. He said that he has never been that sick in his life. Hi wife got it but not as bad as Alex. Their five boys have NOT gotten it – please pray that they don’t!! Thank you 🙂

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