Time to Help Iranians to Overthrow Their REGIME by Caroline Glick

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I’ve been a bit late in posting my articles and podcasts. Apologies, sometimes things get bolluxed up!

In Episode 57 of the Caroline Glick Mideast News Hour I spoke with my friend, Cameron Khansarinia, the Executive Director of the National Union for Democracy in Iran. I spoke with Cameron from the Center for Security Policy in Washington last summer about the mass protests throughout Iran against the regime. And last week, I decided it was time to revisit the issue of the ongoing movement of Iranians to bring down the tyranical regime in Tehran that is perfectly happy to watch its people starve to death to advance the cause of the Islamic jihad worldwide.

For the past month Iranians from all ethnicities and walks of life have again taken to the street. And as in last year’s demonstrations, they have been met with silence from the Biden administration and the Democrats who don’t care about the Iranian people. They just want to give the regime billions of dollars in sanctions relief and call it nuclear non-proliferation.

Cameron and I discussed the protests, and the U.S.’s indifference. We also considered the regime’s cruelty towards its own people as it races towards the nuclear finish line and spreads terror throughout the region and the world.

Finally, we discussed what normal citizens in the U.S., Israel and throughout the world can do to help bring down the most dangerous regime in the world.

As always, I agree with Caroline Click in this matter. The Iranian people have been under the tyrannical thumb of Iran’s insane Islamist government for too long.

Now they are aware that their country is threatening the world with its nuclear capabilities – especially Israel. Pray that the people can pull down this government and establish one which is not a threat to the world!



5 thoughts on “Time to Help Iranians to Overthrow Their REGIME by Caroline Glick

  1. saintsnotaints

    Long overdue. Iran does not need invaded by america or anyone. Its govt needs toppled by its own people by themselves. Its kinda strange that iranians would gladly topple their evil govt if only they had the arms while americans that have the arms will do nothing to topple the regime rapidly destroying the nation. Its 1000 times worse than a tea party in boston. Iran doesnt even need nuke sites bombed if the govt is toppled and a good govt established. Its time.

  2. LV McGraw

    Pray for the underground church of Iran. Pray for their protection and provision. And, pray that they grow. Pray Numbers 6:24-27 for them.

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