Dr. Carrie Madej and her NEW AGE Beliefs and Teachings

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A Critique of Dr. Carrie Madej’s New Age Beliefs

Evangelical Outreach

A Critique of Dr. Carrie Madej’s New Age Beliefs

Evangelical Outreach
July 27, 2021

From standardnewswire.com <click here to read a critique of Dr. Carrie Madej’s New Age beliefs and teachings

Listen to Dr. Carrie Madej starting at minute mark 5:20 to understand how immersed she is in NEW AGE teachings.

……..Jesus Christ NEVER said “Don’t Idolize me” or anything even close to that! Carrie, like other New Agers, believe that we are little “gods.”

I will continue to research the other anti-Jab doctors and professionals to find just how widespread the New Age beliefs really are.


15 thoughts on “Dr. Carrie Madej and her NEW AGE Beliefs and Teachings

  1. She flashes the new age illuminati triangle with her hands multiple times during the interview. We will take the truth about the vaccine and leave all the new age stuff behind!

    1. Yes, if we have the discernment to do that. Seems that you and I do. But my concern is for the immature or baby Christians who cannot discern to keep the medical truths yet NOT be drawn into the Occult. THIS is why I am researching……..

      1. Yes, we must rightly divide, not only scripture, but doctors. You will find that there are not very many anti-vax Drs that are not New Age.
        But most of the medical information is accurate. I said MOST.

      2. Well, I’m saying that God is more concerned with a person’s soul than anything else. I want to attempt to a be a watch woman on the tower, warning young Christians to cling to our faith and not serve other gods – AND to NOT believe that WE are gods. This is the New Age Occult. This is Satanic.

  2. Dan Gilbert


    If you heard a nonbeliever proclaiming, “somebody poisoned the waterhole!”, would you still drink from it? If you saw someone poison the waterhole, would you only warn fellow believers?

    I my opinion, this woman is witnessing to us information that we would not have access to otherwise. I did not go to her medical school, though I did go to my dental school and learned much from non believing professors concerning our profession.

    We are all hopefully coming to grips now with the depths of deception and corruption of “Big Pharmakeia” that we once trusted with our health and very lives.

    As for the aforementioned New Age proponents; when people don’t yet know the Lord, they unfortunately seem to seek validation in vain philosophies and pseudoChristianity. But, perhaps God has given them enough discernment and professional training to see that things are not right in this world as we obviously can also see! Perhaps they need our prayers!

    I feel that it is up to us to not turn away from but to weigh the evidence and NOT be deceived! It’s become a full time job lately.

    I share your concern for those who would blindly follow anyone into false beliefs! We are certainly living in dangerous times as our Lord has foretold.

    Dan Gilbert

    1. My main concern is that these “doctors” are pushing their mystical New Age garbage on vulnerable Christians. Yes, they are telling truths about the Jab, but quite honestly, my husband and I knew before we saw any of these doctors that we should NOT take the jabs. I’m sorry if you think that exposing these people for who they really are is in some way unethical. I believe it is extremely important and I will continue.

  3. Lee Anthony

    Dr. Carrie Madej is a frequent speaker at the Kingdom-Now Dominionists ‘ReAwaken America Tour’ promoting the New Apostolic Reformation’s (NAR) 7 Mountains Mandate.

  4. Brian Taylor

    How sad….it then goes without saying that she does not have need of our Savior, as in her eyes He was merely an example…

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