7 thoughts on ““BLESSINGS”sung by Geri Ungurean: Video by Timothy Ungurean

  1. Geri, I so appreciate your being guided by the Holy Spirit. I have really been missing my husband, John – to the point of depression (the enemy’s work of course). After being out of church for @ 3 years mainly because of taking care of my husband, I’ve finally arranged a ride and wonderfully able to start attending, again. Our vehicle blew its transmission and there was no replacement for the model of vehicle. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you what a blessing that your song was and is. God knew I needed to be reminded that I will see John again and I should keep God’s truth in front of me and nothing else! Thank you, ‘Sis’ – Happy Resurrection Day!

  2. saintsnotaints

    Simply beautiful. 1000 sleepless nights sure gets attention. Thats a souls conscious at work hopefully coming to the right place. He has risen and we thus have hope.

    1. Dennis

      Thank you Geri. You sing beautifully. I cried. One of the pastors in our church sings every now and then. When he sings I cry then too.

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