Jeremiah 38:4 – He Is Weakening the Hands

Gary W. Ritter

(Jeremiah 38-39; Hebrews 1)

Have you noticed?  People are awakening.  They are finally arising and pushing back.  The tyrannical plans and actions of the globalist elites have become too much.  The common man is protesting in the streets.  Doctors and nurses are saying no to the inhumane treatment of those coming to hospitals for care and receiving death.  Parents are standing up for their children as they come against the Marxist propaganda foisted on schools by corrupt school boards heavily influenced by teachers unions.  Voters are realizing that blue means rules, regulations, lockdowns, and destruction, whereas red means liberty and a means toward reclaiming prosperity.  In short, after years of accepting creeping oppression in the name of progressivism, this nation and the world are pushing back.  Hope is growing that life as we once knew it can be restored.  Those who have proclaimed that this movement to recoup what was lost will win in the end are seemingly being proven right.  Surely, as they point out, the Great Awakening is beginning.  It appears that the few of us with the downer message that the Bible doesn’t depict such a victory are on the outer fringes and incorrect in what we’re saying.

When the Chaldeans, i.e. the Babylonians under King Nebuchadnezzar, were besieging Jerusalem, Jeremiah brought a disturbing message.  He kept saying that Yahweh had declared an end to the city.  The only way out was surrender.  If the people did that then God would be merciful upon them.  What the prophet said in Jeremiah 38:2 didn’t go over well:

“Thus says the Lord: He who stays in this city shall die by the sword, by famine, and by pestilence, but he who goes out to the Chaldeans shall live. He shall have his life as a prize of war, and live.”

Jeremiah repeated this news to King Zedekiah and to the various authorities in the city.  Now, Zedekiah was a very weak individual.  He continually wanted to hear what the prophet said, and perhaps do good, but he simply couldn’t bring himself to stand on the Word of God.  It resulted in harsh treatment at various times for Jeremiah as the messenger bringing the bad news.  At one point Jeremiah 38:4 reports the response of the men in the king’s court:

Then the officials said to the king, “Let this man be put to death, for he is weakening the hands of the soldiers who are left in this city, and the hands of all the people, by speaking such words to them. For this man is not seeking the welfare of this people, but their harm.”

Their argument was that Jeremiah’s proclamations tended to demoralize everyone.  It didn’t matter that he was speaking the Word of the Lord.  They didn’t want to hear it because it didn’t agree with what they wanted.  In the natural, that’s easy to understand.  Who in his right mind would simply capitulate to the enemy without putting up a fight?  To be told that they had to surrender and go into captivity for seventy years surely wasn’t an attractive proposition.  As such, to keep up the hopes of the people, they had to shut Jeremiah down.  The king in his weakness told the officials that they could do whatever they wanted with the prophet.  Jeremiah 38:6 tells us their next actions:

So they took Jeremiah and cast him into the cistern of Malchiah, the king’s son, which was in the court of the guard, letting Jeremiah down by ropes. And there was no water in the cistern, but only mud, and Jeremiah sank in the mud.

This was a terrible time for Jeremiah.  Lamentations 3:55-57 gives us his response:

“I called on your name, O Lord,

    from the depths of the pit;

you heard my plea, ‘Do not close

    your ear to my cry for help!’

You came near when I called on you;

    you said, ‘Do not fear!’

Sure enough, an Ethiopian eunuch rescued him.  (What is encouraging in this account is how God rewarded this man as noted in Jeremiah 39:15-18.)

Once more Zedekiah summoned Jeremiah, who again warned and counseled him.  If he would only listen to God and surrender the city, the Lord would keep him safe.  However, Jeremiah 38:15 shows that the prophet had no confidence in the king when he said: “… if I give you counsel, you will not listen to me.”  Indeed he didn’t, as seen in Zedekiah’s response in Jeremiah 38:19: … “I am afraid…”  The king feared men more than God.

And so, the city fell and all that Jeremiah had proclaimed came to pass against Zedekiah, the officials, and the people who resisted the Word of the Lord.

Jeremiah’s message of doom went against the narrative of the day that people wanted to see happen.  Despite the officials of Jerusalem and their resistance to the Babylonian army being the right thing to do in their eyes, their attitude and actions were opposed to God’s will.

Anyone who has read some of my Bible commentaries knows I’ve been saying that because of the times we’re in, i.e. the very latter days before the return of Jesus, Scripture declares there will be no Great Awakening.  It’s hard to reconcile, because in the flesh we want to achieve victory over the wicked elites of the Deep State pushing their agenda, which can only result in their complete control over the populace of the world.  We look at how so many people are growing backbones and standing against the evil of mandates, lockdowns, and vaccine passports.  Such resistance is contagious.  Perhaps the Bible is wrong and the little man will succeed.  There is strength and power in numbers.  There are more of us than there are of them.

When I, and the few others of like mind to my position, speak of what God has declared will occur, no one wants to believe it.  Of course, we want to put an end to these awful things happening around us.  Of course, with this arising and awakening, it’s almost impossible to realize that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled exactly as stated in God’s Word.  I imagine that in earlier times, some of us with this contrarian position would be thrown into pits of miry clay, just like Jeremiah so that our message wouldn’t discourage others.

Regardless, I have to say it again.  We all want to see the best for this nation.  However, I believe it’s too late.  We’ve gone past the tipping point.  Perhaps God is allowing some small victories as a means to somehow continue shaking things up so that people will turn to Him.  I have no idea, but I can guess that in the wake of current victories as we rage against the machine, that the gears will grind and the elites will clamp down with even greater hardships and/or more deadly afflictions

God’s Word will prevail, as difficult as it is to stomach at times.  My advice is as it’s always been: We need to do all we can to seek God’s face and draw nearer to Him.  We never give up what we’re doing, but we remain alert and watchful because someday soon Jesus will appear in the clouds to take us home.

The Lord has put it on my heart to always read completely through His Word at least once each year.  From that practice, it resulted in my producing the Awaken Bible Study Notes, a 4-volume set correlating with each quarter’s readings.  This is the link to Amazon for Volume 1 covering January – March (Genesis 1 – Judges 5; Matthew 1 – Luke 7):

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Following that year’s efforts, God gave me the “assignment” of writing a daily essay on what I had read.  That produced the 4-volume Awaken Bible Commentary and Reflections series.  Here is the link on Amazon to Volume 1, which covers January – March (Genesis 1 – Judges 5; Matthew 1 – Luke 7):

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If these daily writings have been a blessing to you, I hope that you’ll acquire these books for further study.  My intent in all I write is to bring God the glory and to make His people think.  Both the Study Notes and the Commentary and Reflections delve into the prophetic and supernatural nature of God’s Word, a combination you simply won’t find elsewhere.  They attempt to show the parallels to our times with the peril from the past when God’s people turn away from Him and His commands.  Scripture is very much a blueprint for today.

Gary W. Ritter is a lay pastor, Bible teacher, and prolific author.  His Whirlwind Series comprises three end-times books: Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind, and There Is a Time.  These books are contained in the collected volume of the Whirlwind Omnibus.  Gary has written many other Christian thrillers that will challenge you, and which you can learn about at his website:  You can also watch Gary’s video Prophecy Updates on Rumble at his Awaken Bible Prophecy channel:

8 thoughts on “Jeremiah 38:4 – He Is Weakening the Hands

  1. rlinaz

    Isn’t it amazing how gracious God has been to the USA and how merificul He has been to us in light of our evil ways? Most people have no idea, and actually believe we are entitled to that kind of treatment despite our many sins and idolatry.

    Many believe that what is happening is a temporary speed bump and all will be well when the next election comes. They have put their confidence in men/women/binary (haha) and our institutions; it is as absurd as it is pitiful.

    I have lost friendships, even with Believers, who refuse to accept that things are not going to get better. They get very angry when I tell them to enjoy today because tomorrow will be worse, and so will the next day, until our country inevitably collapses. Somehow it is my fault because I won’t join the cheering squad!

    I’m not negative, I just know what the Lord has told us and have eyes to see what is unfolding. In other words, I absolutely believe God and trust His plan…it is perfect; especially when we don’t immediately ‘enjoy’ what must happen to bring it about.

    There is only ONE WAY out of captivity, out of the flood, out of the mud in the well, out of the fire, out of the coming destruction and persecution, and it is Jesus Christ.

    This has never been clearer; as today’s Believers we are blessed like none before us to have the complete word of God and all of His-story, plus prophecy happening every day in front of our eyes, to substantiate our faith.

    I pray every day for the as-yet-unredeemed to come to saving faith in our Lord Jesus and for the saints to persevere until we are called.


    1. Dear sis…….you have much discernment which was given to you by our Lord! I am encountering the same people…….even, as you said, Christians! Right now I feel that my ministry has basically three functions: To alert the readership of the dangers of the clot shot AND to Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which I do at the end of most of my articles; and to alert Christians that this is it – no going back, so get your houses in order!! If Dr. Zelenko is accurate in his latest video, our government is getting ready to round up the unjabbed and place them in internment camps. IF that does transpire, then we who are placed in the Fema Camps MUST share the saving Gospel of Christ with other prisoners and with the GUARDS!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! Pray for an abundance of courage and to be filled to overflowing with His Holy Spirit!

      1. RobinL

        You are doing courageous work for the Kingdom and there is an amazing reward waiting for you Geri, I’m sure of it.

        If ‘they’ aren’t coming after us soon it’s either because we aren’t here or because we aren’t like our Savior. I ask myself often ‘If anyone accuses me of being a Christian, is there enough evidence to convict me?!” I pray that it is so.

        I had a dream last night that the New Gestapo was banging on my door to haul me away, not a pleasant dream. Maybe the Lord is preparing me for what is coming?! Only He knows and His will be done.

        The rumor of their intent to round-up the unjabbed has been going around for quite a while now. I’m not sure that’s going to work out very well for them in the USA, I guess we shall see. They won’t have many to round up if they wait another year or so as untold millions will die from the shots or be too shell-shocked to resist. Most hopefully it will be due to the removal of the Restrainer. We are nation under judgement, no doubt about it. Supernatural courage, perseverance and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit will see us through to the end of our race.

        Praying for your husband Timothy, dear.


  2. Yvonne Renee Knickerbocker

    Amen to your article, sadly. As a side note, I believe Matthew 24:12 is a statement about believers rather than people in the world who are seemingly enjoying the abounding evil. We need to keep our focus on HIM, now more than ever. How easy it would be to become so discouraged that we could just give up on trying to live righteously. I truly never thought we would stare into the face of this kind of evil. Yes, it would be great to think we will expose & defeat it. HIS Word does not say that will happen.

    1. Brian Lazewski
      For the report of your obedience has reached to all; therefore I am rejoicing over you, but I want you to be wise in what is good and innocent in what is evil. The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. (Romans 16:19–20)

      In Christ we have victory that is our hope (assured expectation) Oh indeed, there is a reccompense coming to the wicked.

  3. Brian Lazewski

    For all the evil in the USA there is…. I challenge you to find a “Less Evil” place. I’m not dismissing our deserved Judgement that is coming, only there isn’t no such other place. The problem is humanity and our sin nature coupled with a VAST MAJORITY of unsaved Godless people. Sin is the natural state of mankind. Only Jesus saves us from it!

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