Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 11-24-21 Cold, Calculating, Conceited – “The Worthy Few” With Gary Ritter


Rumble — The idea of the Deep State has been discussed extensively in recent years. After complaining that it was a figment of the imagination of conspiracy theorists, the left seems to have accepted the concept, but generally ignores its existence. Acknowledging that the Deep State is real and is working toward the demise of America would expose the left’s sympathies toward that end. Whether acknowledged or ignored, the fact is that a cohort of individuals has long been working to take down our nation. It doesn’t matter if we call them Deep State or Global Elites or New World Orderers or Great Reseters or Transhumanists – they all have the same objective.

Many of us have spoken and written about this. Last week in my Prophecy Update I told you that “It’s Worse Than You Think.” A couple weeks prior to that I gave you the bad news that “Biden’s Dark Winter Is Upon Us.” In these and other warnings, I’ve tried to make it clear that none of the dark and disturbing events going on around us are happening by accident. The Biden Regime is not blundering and making mistakes. Everything they do is part of their evil agenda that has been planned for decades. In fact, even the attack on humanity by the pharmaceutical companies has been in the works for years.

Today I want to add to this body of evidence by discussing a small book that recently came to my attention. The author of the book is anonymous, yet it is strongly believed that its contents are real and accurate. The information in the book was initially discussed and devised in 1954 by a deeply secret group of wealthy elites ; it appears some of the material may have been updated in the late 1970s. You’ll see as we highlight some of the ideas that they are very much in play and being used today.

The book is titled: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars:

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2 thoughts on “Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 11-24-21 Cold, Calculating, Conceited – “The Worthy Few” With Gary Ritter

  1. rlinaz

    I knew most of this but not all, thank you Gary for shedding the light of truth.

    As I read, hear and learn more about what is unfolding, I can’t help but marvel that all of these evil people actually don’t read a Bible and if they did, they wouldn’t have the first idea what it means. They would not see that it pertains to them and the outcome of what they are doing and have planned. They are BLIND BLIND BLIND because of their proud, hard hearts.

    I thank the Lord many times each day that I am saved. Salvation isn’t a promise that we won’t fall under persecution or trouble, since Jesus promised His followers we likely would. But I know how the Story ends, and when I die, a brand-new, beautifully eternal life with Jesus begins.

    I’m glad you reminded us that God is Sovereign in all that is happening, He isn’t surprised or unprepared. In fact what comes to mind is Psalm 2:4 “He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision”. It really is going to be a terrible, fearful thing to fall into the hands of our God when He unleashes His righteous anger! I shudder to think of it.

    These schemers and plotters would be well-served to read the Book of Revelation and understand that the Seal, Trumpet and Bowl Judgements are meant especially for them…eternally.

    1. It was very interesting that I was working on the background for this video over the last week and just yesterday started watching the video I link here, and finished up today. Catherine Austin Fitts is all about economics with her background, and her conversation with Cory Lynn about the economic slavery that will come about through the vaccine passports dovetails quite well with what I reported. If interested in pursuing this subject further, this is a good place to start:

      Thankfully, there is a point at which none of who love the Lord will care anymore about the machinations of the world as we bask in the glory of Christ.