ALL mRNA JABS are Loaded with Graphene Oxide Which is Poisonous to Humans: 5G has ALWAYS been a Player in This Nightmare Which Can Make Graphene Oxide Super Destructive and Lethal in the Body (VIDEO)

All day long I have been pondering the surrealistic events happening all around us. As I was reading about Graphene Oxide, my mind went to MRI machines. I thought “How could a Vaxxed person have an MRI when they are loaded with the toxic metallic poison?”

First, here is a video from Stew Peters reporting on the ingredients in all of the jabs:

MRI’s, 5G and Graphene Oxide:


Graphene Oxide in All Vaccines Makes the Vaccinated Walking Time Bombs

In a new video, La Quinta Columna reveal that graphene oxide (GO) has been found in saline solution, and they deduce that the use of GO is much, much more widespread and started much earlier than just the “Covid” vaccines.[i]  Babies have been found to be magnetic, and people who have not taken the “Covid” jab or been PCR tested or worn masks are also exhibiting magnetism, so it has to be coming from elsewhere. They deduce that the GO has been used in all vaccines, including tetanus, meningitis, children’s vaccines, etc., for some years.

Brethren, this article from is a must read for those who are attempting to understand what part 5G technology will play in this horrific experiment on the human race. Those responsible for the death and suffering have been hiding in the shadows for many years. They always knew that the Covid debacle was their end game.

Read article in its entirety HERE


According to Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, graphene oxide is in the vaccines but not listed directly on the patents because its use is a trade secret. It is the main ingredient in hydrogel. Karen Kingston claims that the “Pegylated lipid” in the above illustration contains graphene oxide. It is made by SINOPEG in China. Lipids in the patent are listed on SINOPEG’s site.

The graphene oxide molecules can hold a charge. The ones used in the vaccines are supposed to be neutral. The potential exists that these graphene oxide molecules could become charged later. Graphene oxide is also capable of hosting a magnetic field. So even if the graphene oxide is not magnetic when injected, the possibility exists that it could become magnetically charged later.  Graphene oxide in the charged state is toxic and can destroy whatever it comes in contact with.  Graphene oxide has the potential to connect to the internet.

Main talking points:

  • all of the COVID-19 “vaccines” are bioweapons
  • there are 4 PEGylated lipid nano particles in the COVID-19 vaccines (PEG = polyethylene glycol):
    1. a cholesterol lipid enables the vaccine ingredients to be transported by the blood
    2. the phospholipid adheres to the cell membrane to make it permeable
    3. an ionizable lipid provides a positive ionic charge so the mRNA can enter the cell
    4. a PEGylated lipid made by SINOPEG, a Chinese company
  • mRNA is very unstable, thus it needs a “biosphere” to protect it until it can enter the cell – this is provided by the lipid nano particles and graphene oxide which is 4,000 time stronger than titanium, can withstand 1,700 F temperatures, is an excellent conductor of electricity, and can host a magnetic field
  • graphene oxide is not listed in the patent applications because a), it is poisonous to humans and b), because it is the main ingredient in hydrogel which can be used to create a brain-computer interface and a drug delivery system, though Kingston notes that this is not possible “with this round [of vaccines]” because “they rushed this thing out” and “they’re just seeing how much they can put into people before they… die”
  • the graphene oxide in the vaccines is neutrally charged (inactive), however if/when it becomes positively charged, such as by electromagnetic radiation (radio frequency, such as wireless devices, wireless networks such as 5G, etc.), it will annihilate anything it comes into contact with and therefore can cause great damage and death depending on how much of it exists in the body and where it is located
  • multiple COVID-19 “vaccines” and booster shots may increase the amount of graphene oxide in the body
  • the COVID-19 vaccine study should have been stopped when, during a study with mice, 80% died within 24 hours and the remainder died within the next few days

Connection between 5G and the vaccines. Doctors are asking for a delay in the 5G rollout:

Again I encourage the brethren that everything we are seeing unfold was allowed by our God.


We are getting closer to our Blessed Hope!




3 thoughts on “ALL mRNA JABS are Loaded with Graphene Oxide Which is Poisonous to Humans: 5G has ALWAYS been a Player in This Nightmare Which Can Make Graphene Oxide Super Destructive and Lethal in the Body (VIDEO)

  1. Rosemarie Quickel

    Thank you for connecting the dots surrounding COVID 19 and 5G technology. I knew there was a connection–I just couldn’t figure out the vehicle they used. It appears that it was the graphene oxide that caused the widespread deaths in China and Italy at the onset of the virus. Thank you for remaining steadfast in your research on this.

  2. watching68

    Yes and this might hel you who are reading to join the dots even more,
    the world is being conditioned and primed to accept, even welcome a bio-digital identity and it will evolve further as being the way forward for humanity in a technological revolution where humanity and artificial intelligence must be merged to survive.
    Far fetched? No….everything is explained here.
    Please read on Policy Horizons Canadian Gov website. Exploring Bio-digital convergence.
    What happens when biology and digital technology merge?