The WAR GAMES of KLAUS SCHWAB of WEF: Meeting This Weekend With Cohorts-Same Players as EVENT 201 (VIDEO)

Rumble — The World Economic Forum Executive and his evil cohorts are meeting this weekend to ‘war game’ their next plot against freedom-loving global citizens as part of their attempt to CRUSH YOU and reign over every living being. |

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10 thoughts on “The WAR GAMES of KLAUS SCHWAB of WEF: Meeting This Weekend With Cohorts-Same Players as EVENT 201 (VIDEO)

    1. I’m glad that you said that. The brethren must understand that the EVIL we are experiencing is SATANIC. Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world – YES that is so true. But we MUST understand that Satan is as powerful as he is evil. This is his time in the history of the world and he is in a rage.

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  2. Joy D'Andrea

    Forwarding to family members to warn them, but it’s like banging my head against a wall. People are walking around like they have their heads in a cloud hoping to get their lives back because they did the good thing by getting the jab. I am so weary trying to tell people the truth, but am only getting angry responses back. Even so Lord Jesus come soon.


    Ur right Geri I also have been frustrated with people ignoring logical, cogent reasoning of why these jabs should be avoided at all costs. Even Christians seem oblivious or blind. Most seem to do what provides the least resistance to their life style such as #1 will it affect my wallet (no the jabs are free & ez to get) & employers encourage it; #2 am I more likely to be accepted or rejected socially for refusal & why would I refuse, doesn’t the govt know what’s best 4 me? #3 people get a “good guy” type feeling from the jab (it shows I am unselfish & really care about others) as in the lying mantra “man is basically good”. If that is true why did Jesus NEED to die for our sins? We need to stay informed so thank u Geri for helping to fill that niche. Hope ur health is improving.

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