AMERICAN HORROR STORY: UNVAXED BLOOD VS. VAXED BLOOD -STEW PETERS – Brethren We Need to be Ready for the Death Count to Skyrocket (VIDEO)

Brethren, Jesus warned us about these end days. Now we know about the poison Graphene Oxide is in every Shot.




11 thoughts on “AMERICAN HORROR STORY: UNVAXED BLOOD VS. VAXED BLOOD -STEW PETERS – Brethren We Need to be Ready for the Death Count to Skyrocket (VIDEO)

  1. People need to QUIT worshipping Trump. He is part of their plan and is playing his role in all this. Stop being deceived! He is totally responsible for OPERATION WARP SPEED! HELLO! This is the plan to have everyone take the shot. He appointed a Moncef Slaoui from GlaxoSmithKline to head up the program. Judging from the name and he’s Arab, probably Muslim. He has now been replaced by David A. Kessler under Biden. The program is still going on at WARP SPEED!

    1. Trump had to come up with a covid injection or globalist Fauci and his globalist Marxist commie pals were going to shut down the country 100%. That is why Turmp came up wilth a vax so they could not shut down the country. He actually saved us. The whole purpose of the virus was to usher in globalism. That also is the reason the “vaxx is labeled experimental so that we, who had better sense, could opt out of it.

  2. Nita Downum

    I really admire and appreciate Stew Peters. A strong patriot and Christian. God’s protection on him and thank you for posting Geri.

  3. Geo

    I better get right with the Big Guy. I won’t be on this rock forever – and it doesn’t look like I fit in with the “cool club” on this blue marble. Catholicism is too ritualistic and the Pope is compromised. I would get in shape there tho, stand, sit, kneel, Presby – a checkbox religion – show up Sunday, you are good until next week. Lutheran – dated a Pastor’s daughter – Episcol – catholic lite – my cousin is a bishop – seems like hypocrite religion now….I need guidance.

    1. Geo….time to reach out to Father God, and believe in His Son Jesus . It is not about any building, or any official. It is simple faith between you and Jesus. Holy Spirit can lead you into truth which is in Gods word. Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you. Stop judging others, that’s between them and God. Call on the name of Jesus and you can be saved from the wrath that is very soon coming. Take it one day, one breath at a time. Jesus is coming for the hearts filled with love for Him. He is not coming for any ritual, any building, any chant, just belief in hearts that Jesus is Lord.

    1. Stacey Winfree

      All these crooks in office got in same way Biden did. I can’t wait to see all those fall. Every state should be audited. Illinois went Red but they automatically assume it’s blue, NOT IN 2020 ELECTION !! PLANDEMIC WAS ALL ABOUT THE JAB. SARS-COV2 IS VERY TREATABLE

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