From Mike Adams: Two Breaking Stories That Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO

I pray that the shooting and killing does not come to America. Sometimes, Mike Adams can be a bit sensational, but he usually gives sources and links to back up what he says.


6 thoughts on “From Mike Adams: Two Breaking Stories That Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO

  1. Stephan

    Test this guy. Their are a lot of military and ex military, seven day Adventist and other groups who are all part of the Q lie. All selling survival supplies making a fortune off those who don’t know The Word. Put this man to to the test and you will know if he’s a false teacher or not extremely fast. Remember in the last days men will fall away from sound doctrine wanting to have their ears tickled they will accumulate teachers for themselves. That is a strong loving warning we were given. Most of these people were of the Q tards talking the great reset and promising lies while promoting fear for monetary gain. Most of them are still at it and sadly many believers have fallen and still believe them. They love playing games like Gematria and codes. The English language does not have Gematria. Remember the Antichrist will have understanding in dark riddles and evil schemes. Only Hebrew and Greek language use Gematria. Also, The Lord does not operate on The Gregorian calendar. He operates solely off His calendar which is the Hebrew calendar. All the answers are in His word, His feasts and His language. Tread cautiously brethren. Put this guy to the test. See if his end time believes line up with Gods word. Remember a lot of these guys popped up with the Q thing surfaced. Test him. You will know for sure if he’s legit. If you have any doubt or can’t discern clearly than avoid him. As much as it pains mean to say this, rapture ready has been breached with many Q agents unknowingly. Not trying to scare anyone. Just encourage everyone to stay in Gods Word.

    1. Unbelievers automatically think that we Christians align ourselves with Q. Some in my family believe that I am a Q person, even though I have written articles Outting that group as a CULT! And they are a CULT!

    2. Stephan, lately I have been more cautious about Natural News (Mike Adams) I think that he is a brother in Christ, but I do notice some sensationalism in his articles. There is enough scary stuff happening. But I feel called to sound the alarm about the Jabs. These are a precursor to the Mark of the Beast.

      1. Mike is a Christian. He is a respected Researcher with his own lab. He is passionate about warning people. He does mock liars, at times, but, he Is warning us. I’ve researched his articles, etc. He makes every effort to tell the truth. Every one has a different style on podcasts. It “gets people’s attention.” Products He sell are deeply researched and proven, or, he does Not offer them. He spends hours in research. He is not Q Anon.

  2. Yvonne Renee Knickerbocker

    My biggest problem with Mike Adams is that he truly does not seem to know what The BIBLE Says about everything that’s going on right now. He thinks this is a war to be fought in our own preparedness and strength. Pray for him to see things clearly.

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