5 thoughts on “DR. MIKE YEADON “The LIES We Have Been Told” And an Explanation of the the So-called VARIANTS: The Newest SCARE tactic

  1. Robin Leigh

    Dr. Yeadon is right, they have lied to us for very nefarious reasons. Their lies and subversions have been made VERY public and yet they continue to coerce us into getting the jab. Clearly The Shot is the weapon, not the virus. The Bible has warned us of what is coming. Mike is 100% right, the unsaved are standing at the very gates, “Gates”, of Hell. Christians are standing at the gates of Heaven.

    All has been so graciously foretold by Jesus, so we would not be caught unaware. Our God is the Author of Creation, He loves us, and all will be well—soon!

    Pray for family and friends who are not yet saved and pray for our enemies for they are both blind and deaf. If we came upon someone begging on the side of the road who was deaf and blind wouldn’t we feel tremendous compassion for the!m? YES! Those are exactly the unsaved among us. Please Lord, have pity on the lost and quickly bring as many of them as are called on to be among Your children, to You.

  2. Mark V

    Amen. This is a return to the Dark Ages. The Catholic hierarchy suppressed the Truth of the gospel back then and now join in these new false prophets of Scientism. People accept them as high priests and do what they say without question. Too many Christians just blow it off as irrelevant opinion not to be argued with;yet, this is a heartfelt concern over the unnecessary destruction of one’s body. Is not your body the temple of God’s Spirit? One doesn’t need to be a theologian to understand the simplicity of God’s grace nor does one need to be a scientist to understand factual data. Jesus Messiah has not yet opened the seals releasing His wrath, but this sure looks like warning! “But you are not in darkness, brothers, for that day to suprise you like a thief.”

  3. Thanks!
    I did take the MRNA shots (they are NOT vaccines) because I’m 75 and my doctor said that hydroxychloroquine would not be available.
    Had I to do it again, I would pass.
    The COVID Vaccine is authorized, not approved. That should frighten everyone!
    On the other hand, setting everyone up for the “mark of the beast.” You see how compliant we all are.

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