CHRISTIANS – DO YOUR HOMEWORK on the Ministries to Which You Donate: I Will Not Name Names But I WILL Give You the Tools to See Salaries of Heads of Ministries and Their Families

This article is going to make many of the readers angry – and it should

A “giving” spirit is precious to the Lord. We see this especially in the Sermon on the Mount.

But what do you think Jesus feels about ministries who pay their employees exorbitant salaries? (rhetorical question)

As I stated in the title, I will not name names. If you are curious as to how your donations are spent, MinistryWatch is a vital tool for the Christian who sends money to ministries whom they trust.


About MinistryWatch

MinistryWatch profiles public charities, church and parachurch ministries. It is also a place to learn about how to be a responsible giver.

MinistryWatch is an independent donor advocate facilitating the information needs of donors. It provides information on organizations alleging to be charitable and its key leadership in order to identify materially misleading behavior, or wasteful spending practices.  We also identify and highlight organizations that are above board and running efficiently.

The objective is to limit consequences of scams and prevention of fraudulent activity, promote better allocations of giving, encourage intelligent questions of organizational structure, financial health, and advance the idea of organizational transparency and best practices.

Said simply:  MinistryWatch is an advocate for TRANSPARENCYACCOUNTABILITY, and the renewed CREDIBILITY of Christian ministries.

MinistryWatch is a Donor Advocate

Donors make decisions where to give and how much to give based on some level of knowledge. The greater the knowledge a donor has the more likely a donation will take place. Additionally, greater knowledge produces a greater perceived value and the more likelihood of a repeat donation.

Donor needs include the following:

• Openness and transparency. Prudent donors want to understand what it is they are going to support. Foundational to ethics and morals is transparency and openness. Donors want committed ministries that are open and transparent, not experts in pushing emotional buttons in fundraising persuasion. Transparency is foundational in order to make a good decision.
• Due diligence integrity research. The knowledge that their donation is being used as solicited. Donors want to know that a nonprofit organization is telling them the truth and doing the right thing before God and man. Even when no one is watching.
• Value and beliefs. Donors want to understand which ministries represent their values.
• Efficiency and effectiveness. Donors want to know that their dollars are being used in an efficient and effective manner. Donors generally do not want to give to ministries that are overly focused on their own financial gain. Donors do not want to see leaders of ministries enamored with riches, but maximizing the ministry at every opportunity.
• Best practices. Donors would like some assurance that ministries are adhering to best practices, such as good governance in its operations and open to accountability measures.

Stewardship of Donations

There is a stewardship responsibility to both the giver and receiver to see that it has been administered appropriately and not wasted. Givers will not donate if they believe their gift will be wasted or misappropriated. Even though there is not a “bottom line” net profit measurement of success or failure in the nonprofit world, there are a variety of methods of gaining understanding about how efficiently and effectively donations are utilized. Donors will naturally utilize such measures to gain assurance that their giving was administered wisely. Accordingly, the marketplace transaction for nonprofits is simply the exchange of donor dollars for knowledge that the donation will likely achieve its desired goal of helping those in need.

Regardless of one’s beliefs about competitive forces, competition undeniably exists in the realm of Christian ministries. Ministries are clearly vying for donor dollars and regularly use standard business practices to attract as much money as possible to their ministries. Ministries with competitive advantages in terms of scale or distribution regularly exploit these for their own benefit while smaller outstanding ministries are unable to match the efforts of the larger ministries.
MinistryWatch seeks to help donors obtain accurate, unbiased information about all Christian ministries to help level the competitive playing field in the Christian Ministry Marketplace. If competition exists, it should at least be fair.

About Our 5-Star Rating System

One of the unique aspects of MinistryWatch is our deep database of the largest Christian ministries in the country.  We have been collecting financial statements for the 500 largest ministries in the nation for the past 20 years.  The most recent five years are readily available in the MinistryWatch database.
We also rate the ministries based on financial efficiency.  These ratings are based on a number of key ratios and result in a 1- to 5-star rating.  You can learn more about our 5-star rating system here.

Our Statement of Faith

You can see the MinistryWatch Statement of Faith here.

To Learn More About MinistryWatch

MinistryWatch President Warren Cole Smith has done several interviews explaining more fully the philosophy and operations of MinistryWatch.  You can read those interviews here.

Our Latest 990

You can view our most recent 990 here.

MinistryWatch List: Highly Paid Christian Ministry Executives (click to view or search)

Brethren, do your homework so that you can give to ministries which handle their donations in a Christlike manner.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


8 thoughts on “CHRISTIANS – DO YOUR HOMEWORK on the Ministries to Which You Donate: I Will Not Name Names But I WILL Give You the Tools to See Salaries of Heads of Ministries and Their Families

  1. Rae L

    Great article with the list of prophets for prophet. Some are part of the Freemasons, if not all. I had already been informed by the Holy Spirit, decades ago,to avoid, by those so obviously NOT ordained by the Lord.

    Thank you for all research and informative articles you write.👌

  2. Great job on all your research. I’m not condemning Franklin Graham for he has done many great things for The Lord. However, when somebody with his status says, ‘Christians need to get vaccinated and that Jesus would have taken the vaccine’, and no Leaders of The Church speak out against him using Gods word, we have huge problems. Jesus would not have taken this jab of death. We are told in the book of James what Jesus said to do about sickness. Yet, I know of no churches that practice this. Instead our churches teach healthcare from the world. This alone shows how far the churches have strayed. Even worse is how the churches and those who claim to be Christians continue to fund the beast system by financing satans agenda. Subscribing to cable tv, satellite tv, going to movies, sporting events, using the worlds music is funding satans war against The Lord and us. Social media censors, blocks and promotes violence against believers and believers still seek remain on it and funding it. Financing our death!!! Jesus said, ‘Come out of her lest you share in her judgement’. When have you heard a pastor teach on this? When is the last time you heard a message on Thou shall not covet? The church has financed the beast system and continues to do so by purchasing all its devices. The Prophet Daniel told us the beast was’Given the eyes of a man and given a mouth speaking great things against the Lord”. Yet our teachers still can’t seem to see or except that the computer technology and surveillance is the beast system. Staring into the imagery beast being conformed into its image of hate, violence, murder, greed and death daily. This is so sad. Don’t misunderstand me. It’s not wrong to use the web but to openly pay for the media platforms and devices used against us is insanity! Mrs Geri you are doing a great great job exposing all evil. I am proud and honored to send your articles to the lost. Hang tough sister.

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