15 thoughts on “NEW INTERVIEW With Alex Newman of The New American and Dr. Carrie Madej: COVID SHOTS, DNA & TRANSHUMANISM

      1. JOHN HINDE

        So very important to understand and be aware. Thank you for the video God bless.

  1. Excellent presentation Dr. Madej. Only thing I would stress to the unsaved is that humanity is not a good light-being in our fallen state. Jesus said “Narrow is the way to life and few there be that find it.” Matthew 7.14. We are all sinners, blinded by the god of this world. We need the free gift of Jesus which is salvation. Without being born again, we will not see the kingdom of God. There is none good, no not one. Our best is as filthy rags before our Lord. No one will get to heaven without repenting and asking forgiveness for sin. This is the message that needs to be shared as we enter into tribulation.

    1. Yes, I agree. That is why I placed a disclaimer on my last article with the doctors talking about the jab. I wanted to make sure that the reader knows that I am not in agreement with many of the spiritual “beliefs” of the doctors. Some sound very New Age. But we should keep their medical knowledge and throw out the rest.

      1. Agree Geri. I am just now reading your article on the secret religion… We have some things in common. My parents we Jewish, and my paternal grandad had a seat on the NYSE as the specialist for EMI (this company had MI5 contacts and the Beatles recording contract). I went into the occult and satanism, but was spared full illuminati indoctrination due to a God given disability which made me less than desirable. But my grandparents on both sides were fully involved. I still suffer PTSD, but God is my refuge. I am finishing a book now on the infrastructure of the coming antichrist, and I look forward to reading your material as I am sure it will assist me in my own work.
        God Bless.
        All the best,
        Geoffrey Hart

  2. Dr Carrie, you absolutely Nailed It. Thank You so much for bringing this info to the world. This is definitely a spiritual battle and it completely meshes with Revelations. The world is being set up for the arrival of the beast system. The devil has his servants preparing for his arrival. When he does arrive he will Force everyone to take the mark. This is just a trial run for that event so they can test and fine tune. A message to your readers. If you are not right with God do that NOW before you get more deceived and end up in the lake of fire.

  3. Carol Hudak

    As satan does, they are introducing the transhuman/no-longer-fully-human Agenda
    by means of deception: fear over a mild virus . . . so they can inject the unsuspecting
    with a non-vaccine which destroys human DNA. I believe if they showed every
    vaccine-taker the powerful, disturbing human/AI photo at the top of the article,
    there would be an all-out war in (what was once) America. Folks, let’s get all-out
    Bold about proclaiming the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We have a true
    Paradise to look forward to. Besides, they’ll take us out anyway. Our days are
    numbered, so let’s go out proclaiming HIS Name! God Bless you all.

  4. Gina

    Thank you, Dr. Madej. It is all frightening and unbelievable! That’s why it is so difficult to convince people that it is truly the agenda in the making. I have such a hard time persuading two of my own son and some good church Christian friends, who label me a conspiracy theorist and tell me to get a life, while I am almost dying inside from this very trauma unfolding all around us.
    Also, can you confirm that some of that Hydrogel technology and carrier nanobots are placed in the PCR test swabs that are becoming mandatory almost anywhere one travels?
    I read about it from some legit sources and heard from some well informed doctors.

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