OOOPS……..The Internet Police Forgot to Scrub This About Cesar Sayoc

Thanks to my FB friend and brother in Christ, Ed, for sending this to me before the Democrats erased the information.  This website is called

Sorry that this is rather blurry.  To my surprise (Not) this information had been scrubbed from the internet on this website when I attempted to view in online.

The main thing I want the readers to see is that this fellow was a registered Democrat!

My brother in Christ prefaced that picture with this:

“Well done, Geri. It’s interesting that media is hyping him as a registered (R). I would like to see the date he registered; it should be on file with the County Republican Party. More interesting still, on his MyLife social media page he lists himself as a (D), and followed many of the Dems on social media. On the ‘caravan’ side, one of the writers at CFP noted in an article this morning that our former President was in Honduras recently.”

Pray Pray Pray!!!


4 thoughts on “OOOPS……..The Internet Police Forgot to Scrub This About Cesar Sayoc

  1. Good catch!

    Pete Hegseth on Fox revealed a paper that said that Sayoc was Republican on the front page, but listed as a Democrat in the article.

    Geraldo Rivera was all apologetic on Fox & Friends this morning for “jumping to conclusions.” He must know the truth is going to be revealed.


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