Son of Hamas Mosab Yousef Reveals Truth About Obama and Islam (VIDEO)


WATCH – Son of Terrorist Leader Reveals TRUTH About Obama And Islam In Shock Video

(Angry Patriot) – Liberals rely on accusations of Islamophobia to silence and shame critics, but the truth cannot be ignored, especially when passionately promoted by the son of a terrorist leader.

Mosab Yousef, son of the leader of the terrorist group Hamas, risked his life to speak out against the religion of his childhood. As a result, he has been disowned by his family. He told a crowd at an event sponsored by the Jerusalem Post, “When the [former] president of the free world stands and says that ‘Islam is a religion of peace,’ he creates the climate…he provides climate – the perfect climate – to create more terrorism.”

In 2011, my husband and I met Mosab Yousef. He invited us to a dinner given in his honor on Capital Hill.  We also met his Shin Bet Handler.  Mosab converted to Christianity from Islam.

We will never for that night!


2 thoughts on “Son of Hamas Mosab Yousef Reveals Truth About Obama and Islam (VIDEO)

  1. I truly believe that obama and others, have and are, bringing terrorists into our no-longer free nation because he and many others want to bring this nation and peoples to its knees. He and they, want to be the ones to bring on the one-world govt., religion, economy. They will do this at all costs. They are headed by the Evil One and his minions.

    Geri, I bet that was some evening!!

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