Donald Trump: “If I am Elected – I Will Get Rid of 501C (3) Which Placed a Muzzle on Pastors”

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In 1954, while he was a Senator from Texas, Lyndon Johnson got a bill through the Senate that would place a muzzle on pastors about speaking on political matters or risk losing their tax exempt status with the IRS.  Pastors have been terrified of losing this status since that year.

In a speech in NYC, Donald Trump said 3 times that if he is elected president, he will make sure that this amendment is repealed.


Donald Trump Tells Evangelical Leaders He Will End Decades-Old Ban on Church Politicking

In a gathering with 900 evangelical pastors and leaders Tuesday, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump promised that he would protect the political speech and religious freedom of pastors and clergy by repealing a longstanding ban on church and nonprofit politicking.

As many evangelical leaders have remained skeptical about backing Trump even after he clinched enough delegates to claim the GOP nomination, the organizations United in Purpose and My Faith Votes, headed by Ben Carson, organized a much-anticipated “conversation” between the billionaire real estate mogul and over 900 pastors, activists and leaders in New York City to allow them to get to know each other better.

Trump was successful in winning over a number of the pastors in attendance by promising that he would not only elect pro-life Supreme Court justices but also vowing to protect the First Amendment rights of churches and pastors.

Trump vowed to end a ban enacted in the Johnson Amendment of 1954 that punishes churches and other 501(c) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations by stripping them of their tax-exempt status if they engage in political activities or endorse candidates for public office.

“I think maybe that will be my greatest contribution to Christianity — and other religions — is to allow you, when you talk religious liberty, to go and speak openly, and if you like somebody or want somebody to represent you, you should have the right to do it,” the Washington Post quoted Trump as saying.

Former president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas Jack Graham attended the closed-door gathering and was excited to hear Trump’s “pretty brand new” idea to repeal the Johnson Amendment.

“That is a very interesting and intriguing idea,” Graham told The Christian Post. “He has been studying this and he has been wondering why so many pastors and churches are so hesitant to speak. He realized the Lyndon Johnson law that churches are threatened with their tax-exempt status if they cross the line regarding political endorsements. He said, ‘That’s wrong.’ He said, ‘We need to get rid of that.'”

Graham said Trump’s vow to protect the political speech of churches and pastors surprised many in attendance.

“That is pretty brand new. I think that surprised a lot of people but it pleased a lot of people as well.” Graham explained. “He gets it. I think more and more, one of the reasons we got together was so that we can get him and what he is about more up close and personal and that he would get us. I think we all walked away as friends.”

Graham said that he and other pastors he talked to are ready to “champion Donald Trump” after hearing him speak on religious liberty and vow to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.

“I know that I feel very convinced that it’s not just ‘Oh, we got to stop Hillary Clinton,’ which we do, but that we can champion Donald Trump,” Graham said. “I am convinced he is going to make a great president of the United States.” -source

Anyone who has been reading my commentaries knows that I have not backed Trump from the beginning.  But I think that we Christians should be praying for the salvation of this man; and that we should definitely be supportive of him in the general election.

The “Never Trump”  clan is truly shooting themselves in the foot.  A no-vote by Republicans is a Hillary vote!

We should be praying for this man. We should pray that he repents and trusts the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of his sins.  I believe that God would have us do this.

Then we leave the rest to the Lord, who we know is in control!







17 thoughts on “Donald Trump: “If I am Elected – I Will Get Rid of 501C (3) Which Placed a Muzzle on Pastors”

  1. That’s almost scary too, Geri. My first thought is that if it is amended, churches will become 100% political; as if there isn’t enough apostasy already out there. Then again, these are the end times… anything goes. Your thoughts?


    1. I think that too many pastors have been afraid of telling the truth about political contenders. I believe that there are probably many people in congregations who needed some guidance in politics. I went to a Baptist church where a whole Sunday school class were Dems!

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    2. It is a double edged sword. On one hand, pastors may feel free to speak about abortion and those who support it. On the other hand, it would not be good if the church became nothing but political – like the Dominianists.

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    3. YEAH…..I HOPE CHURCHES BECOME 100% POLITICAL so this country does not turn into Sodom & Gomorrah as it has. This country is one huge Christian-hating mess of pure stupidity. Only Godless people feel like you. I want pastors to have the same rights & power to help the GOP, like Democraps have Hollywood stars & musicians speaking on their behalf every damn election. You sound like a hypocrite. What is fair for your side, is not fair for our side. We are not allowed advocates. We have been outgunned by the left as they have hijack this crippled nation. What the heck is the matter with you??????


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  3. But how hard will he try, and can he do it? Trump makes a lot of promises, and says a lot of things. I am not yet ready to trust him. He needs to fear God more, and we humans need to see a little righteous fruit coming from this “man who would be President.”


  4. God help US. Surprise Surprise,Surprise. Political stadium , is that the next step of christian development. The guile of infusing more confusion, more division, more distraction, more disfiguration to an already chaotic simmering situation. These is none other than the a disguised move to dismember and disunite and disgrace the church. We have far more important principal challenges than becoming politically engineered noise makers.


    1. The left have called abortion a political matter and pastors have been afraid of speaking out against it and also telling their congregations WHO are the culprits in this mass slaughter of unborn babies. I believe that removing this amendment can only do good. I still do believe that we are under God’s judgment at the present time.


  5. I pray that TRUMP wins, so Christianity can have a chance to grow again in this country as it did during President Reagan. Trump has brilliant ideas on combating the evil left, and the damage they have done to this weakened nation. Obama & Hitlery have ruined our country. I don’t even recognize it anymore. GO TRUMP< and revoke that evil litigation by that SOB LBJ. Give pastors a chance to undo the damage caused by the leftist advocates like Hollywood & Musicians. I am a Christian musician, and am fed up with the bastardization of the USA. It is time to fight back, and stand for GOD just as The Founding Fathers did.


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