It’s All Calculated: Donald Trump Is a Democratic Plant

Sorry to be redundant, but I think that people need to read this again……

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Trump dump

One day recently, I was reading the comments on the NTEB website. Geoff Grider is  a Trump man and the outrage and fighting on the comment board has become like a car wreck – you don’t want to look, but you must!

I noticed one of his commenters was a lady who seemed to be all in for Trump.  She defended Mr. Grider’s comments and articles about “The Donald”, but something just didn’t seem right.  I felt that I needed to further investigate this woman,  and so I did.

I clicked on her icon and it took me straight to her blog site. Instantly I found that she was a bleeding heart liberal, who was a Hillary fan!  I outed her on the comment board – told everyone that she was not a Republican, and that on her blog site, she stated “Yes, let’s push for Trump – those idiot…

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2 thoughts on “It’s All Calculated: Donald Trump Is a Democratic Plant

  1. Yes, yes,and yes! And watch how fast Mr. O pardons Ms. Clinton of all crimes against the State upon his leaving office. I hate to be blunt,but I’m just saying.Watch the wool over the eyes thing……..


  2. He certainly has liberal leanings. I would not call him a Democrat. I call him a megalomaniac. First he is going to destroy Hillary in the general election possibly by a landslide. Then he is going to destroy what is left of our republic.

    I pray I am wrong

    שלום Brian


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