DEMOCRACY SPRING May Have One Goal: Martial Law and the End of the Election Process

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Martial Law

Will the “Democracy Spring” which George Soros and his clan have named the protest, keep escalating and become more and more violent, to the point of Obama instating Martial Law and shutting down the elections?

This is the question in the minds of many people. Everything is calculated with this administration.  I’m certain that Obama and Soros have had many meetings about the strategy of these non- peaceful protests . The Constitution ensures that people may peacefully gather to protest – it is part of our First Amendment right. But blocking main roads to a political event is not considered “Peaceful.”

Think about it; it’s only March.  If this “Democracy Spring” continues and becomes violent, I can see the White House stating that Martial Law must be called, and that elections at this time are not in the best interest of Americans.

George Soros funds all left wing/Communist uprisings…

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One thought on “DEMOCRACY SPRING May Have One Goal: Martial Law and the End of the Election Process

  1. Now is the time that the nation should apply restraint and act with responsibility. Don’t give treacherous liars, enemies of the people, who call themselves leaders and protectors of your constitution an open door to that very safety device, Marshal Law. I pray the Army will be pro the people in the face of the truth when this obvious coming play of the “deceivers” come into the open. Most of all, protect your right to firearms and call out to THE MOST HIGH the G_D and Father of our Lord Jesus!!!!!!!! Maranatha!!


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