Is Donald Trump A Democratic Plant to Help Hillary?


This thought has crossed my mind more than a few times.  Donald Trump has been close friends with the Clintons for many decades.  He has given to their very questionable “Foundation.”  The Clintons attended his weddings.   So, what is up?

From the Washington Times:  (written in July of 2015)

Is Donald Trump a Democratic plant?

Some top Republicans are starting to think so.

“Look, I don’t know what his intent is, but he’s infuriating Hispanics, the very group of voters the GOP is looking to make gains with in 2016,” said one party official who asked not to be named. “You could just be an egomaniac running his mouth, but he’s starting to look like a guy hand-delivered by the Democrats.”

Since the 1980s, Trump has contributed $490,000 to Republicans, according to But he’s donated at least $330,000 to Democrats — including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and Anthony Wiener, the husband of Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin.

The tycoon last showed up in 2012 to talk about President Obama’s birth certificate, garnering plenty of coverage by the mainstream media news outlets (In one May 2012 interview on CNN, Wolf Blitzer said to him: “Donald, you’re beginning to sound a little ridiculous, I have to tell you.”).

Republicans had long moved past the questions that swirled around Obama’s birth. But the issue was brought back to the fore by Trump — and Mitt Romney was then asked repeatedly about the “Republican” stance that the party didn’t believe Obama was born in America.

Now, Trump has declared his candidacy for the presidency (although in his announcement speech, in which he said “I” 195 times, he didn’t once declare he was running for the Republican nomination).

Trump has once again drawn MSM coverage for his comments on illegal immigration from Mexico, and on Monday he double  down, declaring that “infectious disease is pouring across the border.” He also ranted about the random murder of a woman in San Francisco by an illegal alien who had been deported five times.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he retweeted an comment about Jeb Bush’s wife, Columba, A mexican who came to America legally: “@RobHeilbron: @realDonaldTrump #JebBush has to like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife.”

At his launch event, Trump said Mexico is “sending people that have lots of problems … They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

While some hardcore conservatives are singing Trump’s praises, calling him brave for telling the truth, Republican leaders are starting to worry. Another Republican official on one of the GOP candidates’ campaign saidTrump can single-hendedly hurt the party.

“The media is always quick to point out that Trump is a Republican — or says he is — so people who hear him talking think the GOP hates Mexico, and therefor Hispanics. I wouldn’t say it’s deadly, but it’s certainly not good, is it?”

Still, there is a view that Trump is speaking to the masses who object to illegal immigration, and his remarks will force candidates to take tough positions on the border. “The first point to make is that Trump is resonating with a lot of people,” Mark Krikorian, executive director for the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Hill.

“It’s not just Republicans, but a lot of ordinary Americans,” he said. “It’s precisely because regular politicians aren’t addressing the issues they are concerned about.”

And while Trump may be hurting the GOP, he is helping himself. He came in second place in two recent national polls of the 2016 Republican field, and is rising fast of New Hampshire. -source

We have watched him during the debates, spewing out his vulgar and hateful rhetoric. He disparages his opponents like a bully on the black top.  He is the OPPOSITE of presidential.

Could he be a Democrat plant?

I have thought so many times. He has spoken so much more hatred towards the other GOP contenders than he ever spoke about Hillary Clinton! The only thing that I’ve heard him say over and over is that she was a terrible Secretary of State.  He has never spoken of her criminal past.  That is probably because he is her crony!

I have made it clear that my pick for the POTUS is Ted Cruz. Many Christians have come at me with this rumor that Ted is involved with Dominion Theology.

Here is the million dollar question:

EVEN if he is involved with that (which no one has proved) he is a brother in Christ and loves the Lord Jesus with all of his heart; and he loves ISRAEL.

So, for those who constantly ridicule me for being a Cruz supporter because of this “rumor”  – ask yourself that question.  Would you rather have an incredibly ungodly person who says that he has never had to ask God for forgiveness for anything; and also, during the last debate, Trump said that as President Trump he could not side with Israel because it would be unfair to the Palestinians!  If he discloses this now before the elections, how will he behave toward Israel if elected?

But back to the title of this piece. I believe that something very rotten abounds with Donald Trump.  I believe that he is indeed a Democratic plant to ensure the Hillary gets into the White House.

If Ted Cruz is nominated as the GOP candidate, he will destroy Hillary in all debates. The Dems are AFRAID of Ted Cruz.  In recent polls, it shows that Cruz can beat Hillary in the election. Not so for Donald Trump.

Think about that.



2 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump A Democratic Plant to Help Hillary?

  1. I agree with you 110%! Something just does not sit well with me whenever he opens his mouth. I would love and pray that Cruz can make it through the Huge Trump Delusion that seems to be swallowing up all the air!! Only our Lord knows for I truly believe that Killery Klinton will be the judgement we all deserve. Now we as follower’s of our Lord we need to Pray, cling to His word and start getting as many souls saved ASAP. I thank our Lord for your wisdom for it truly helps when I feel kicked to the curb. May God protect and guide you and your family. In His Name.
    Shannon B.


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